D. D. Beauchamp


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Alias Jesse James (1959) - Where Can I Find Jesse James? Bob Hope is life insurance salesman Farnsworth, in Missouri to buy back the policy he sold to Jesse James (Wendell Corey), whom he doesn't realize robbed his train earlier, and who visits with his bombshell fianceè Cora (Rhonda Fleming), in the Western comedy Alias Jesse James, 1959.
Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend (1957) - Hold The Formation Merchant Priscilla (Angie Dickinson) has doubts about the back-story of her employee Devlin (Randolph Scott) who, though posing a Quaker, is on a revenge mission with fellow veterans Maitland (James Garner) and Clegg (Gordon Jones), in Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend, 1957.
Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend (1957) - If I Were Thee Retail combat in 1865 Nebraska, we meet Priscilla (Angie Dickinson) and dad (Harry Harvey), visited by crooked competitors (Myron Healey, John Alderson), rescued by Civil War vet Devlin (Randolph Scott) who, because it's convenient, is posing as a Quaker, in Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend, 1957.
Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend (1957) - Better Off Throwing Rocks Devlin (Randolph Scott), with fellow Union vets Maitland (James Garner) and Clegg (Gordon Jones), concludes that bad ammo led to his brother getting killed by Indians and resolves (with Ann Doran, the widow) to set things straight, in Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend, 1957.
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' - Opening, Maribel Opening credits with title tune by Burton Lane and Al Dubin, followed by "Big Bend" Mayor Maribel (Marjorie Main) facing off rival Chauncey (Harry Shannon) about the upcoming race in Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin', 1948.
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' - Handsome Woman En route to lay bets on the big foot-race against the next town, Mayor Maribel (Marjorie Main) and aide Billy (Percy Kilbride) broach difficult topics in Feudin' Fussin' and A-Fightin', 1948.