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Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) Viva Las Vegas Brothers Chuck (Tom Stern) and Wes (Jeremy Slate) find out after the fact that the club has approved their idea of riding to Las Vegas, but they're expected to prove their worthiness, in Hell's Angels '69, 1969.
Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) See And Be Seen The opening scene, in which Chuck (Tom Stern) works the crowd at a groovy hotel party then grabs brother Wes (Jeremy Slate) and the microphone, in the low-rent motorcycle crime drama Hell's Angels '69, 1969.
Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) Oakland Club Early in their big Las Vegas hold-up scheme, brothers Chuck and Wes (co-screenwriters Tom Stern and Jeremy Slate) introduce themselves via crime to the Oakland club, in Hell's Angels '69, 1969.
Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) Caesar's Palace Posing as bikers and looking their parts, brothers and Chuck and Wes (Tom Stern and Jeremy Slate, also co-screenwriters) cruise the Las Vegas strip and try to check in at Caesar's, in Hell's Angels '69, 1969.
Hell's Angels '69 -- (Movie Clip) My Wheels Are Messed Up Working their way into the Oakland gang, Chuck (Tom Stern) and Wes (Jeremy Slate) join for a ride, on which Terry (credited as "Terry the Tramp) has a problem and dumps Betsy (Conny Van Dyke) in Hell's Angels '69, 1969.
Superstition (1985) -- (Movie Clip) Hey Arty! Prankster Charlie (Johnny Doran) is alarmed when he can't find buddy Arty (Bennett Liss, not really seen here) in the supposed haunted house, in an early scene from Superstition, 1985.
Superstition (1985) -- (Movie Clip) Bless The House This scene features the introduction of ghostly Mary (Kim Marie) and a circular saw, bad news for Rev. Maier (Stacy Keach) and junior colleague Thompson (James Houghton) in Superstition, 1985.
Superstition (1985) -- (Movie Clip) Spanish Inquisition Rev. Thompson (James Houghton) explores the archives of a neighboring church, leading to a spectacular and informative flashback, featuring Robert Symonds as "Pike," in Superstition, 1985.
Superstition (1985) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Not Here! Opening credits and first scene from the low-rent thriller Superstition, 1985, directed by Hollywood camera-man James Roberson, in which young lovers get spooked.
Superstition (1985) -- (Movie Clip) They Just Live Here Reverends Maier (Stacy Keach) and Thompson (James Houghton) do some exposition about the Sharack house, leading to a scene at the pond where cop "Hollister" takes a dive, in Superstition, 1985.