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Bhowani Junction (1956) -- (Movie Clip) You Fell In The Black Sea! Observing Col. Savage (Stewart Granger) at work, fiery Victoria (Ava Gardner), with her English father (Edward Chapman), Indian mother (Vida St. Romaine) and overwrought and also mixed-race fiancè Patrick (Bill Travers), debating partition, early in George Cukor's Bhowani Junction, 1956.
Bhowani Junction (1956) -- (Movie Clip) They'll Say You Led The Englishman On British officer McDaniel (Lionel Jeffries) insisted on escorting Anglo-Indian army employee Victoria (Ava Gardner) home during a night of rioting, his intentions becoming clear, witness Ranjit (Francis Matthews) leading her home to his mother (Freda Jackson) in George Cukor’s Bhowani Junction, 1956.
Deceivers, The -- (Movie Clip) India, 1825 Opening sequence, surely the most violent in any Merchant-Ivory film, though directed by Nicholas Meyer, British Lieutenant Maunsell (Gary Cady) terrified, in The Decievers, 1988.
Deceivers, The -- (Movie Clip) She Knows He Is Dead Captain Savage (Pierce Brosnan) and his new wife (Helena Michell), just returned to their post, learn from Chandra Sing (Shashi Kapoor) that a widow (Neena Gupta) plans to sacrifice herself, in the Merchant-Ivory production, The Deceivers, 1988.
Deceivers, The -- (Movie Clip) Ritual Killings Savage (Pierce Brosnan), convinced that he witnessed a mass murder the night before, presses Chandra (Shashi Kapoor) to keep his troops digging, eventually finding the remains of Maunsell (Gary Cady), in the Merchant-Ivory production of Nicholas Meyer's The Deceivers 1988.