Melbourne Macdowell




Cast (Feature Film)

Feel My Pulse (1928)
Her Uncle Wilburforce
The Old Code (1928)
Steve MacGregor
Driven From Home (1927)
Code of the Cow Country (1927)
John Calhoun
The Rainmaker (1926)
Behind the Front (1926)
Mr. Bartlett-Cooper
The City (1926)
The Winning Wallop (1926)
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The Outlaw Express (1926)
Stick to Your Story (1926)
Colonel Miles
What Happened to Jones (1926)
Mr. Bigbee
The Cloud Rider (1925)
David Torrence
Savages of the Sea (1925)
Daniel Rawley
Bandits of the Air (1925)
Fighting Courage (1925)
Kingsley, Sr.
Sky's the Limit (1925)
Charles Hamilton
Speed Mad (1925)
John Sanford
Geared To Go (1924)
Virtue's Revolt (1924)
Family lawyer
The Ghost Patrol (1923)
Commissioner Manning
A Million To Burn (1923)
Mark Mills
The Love Pirate (1923)
Steve Carnan
Confidence (1922)
J. D. Sprowl
Forsaking All Others (1922)
Cyrus K. Wharton
The Infidel (1922)
"Bully" Haynes
Beyond the Crossroads (1922)
David Walton/Truman Breese
The Flaming Hour (1922)
John Danby
The Bootlegger's Daughter (1922)
Jim Bradley
The March Hare (1921)
Senator Rollins
Diamonds Adrift (1921)
James Bellamy
The Golden Snare (1921)
"Doug" Johnson
Outside the Law (1920)
Morgan Spencer
Nomads of the North (1920)
Duncan McDougall
King Spruce (1920)
John Barrett
The Long Lane's Turning (1919)
The judge
All of a Sudden Norma (1919)
Emerson Trent
A Girl in Bohemia (1919)
Police inspector
The Lamb and the Lion (1919)
Uncle Ben
Eve in Exile (1919)
George Armitage
Soldiers of Fortune (1919)
Mr. Langham
A Nine O'Clock Town (1918)
Mr. Adler
Playing the Game (1918)
Jeremiah Prentiss
Keys of the Righteous (1918)
Judge Michael Burke
The Biggest Show on Earth (1918)
Nat Kemp
Love Me (1918)
Grant Appleby
The Claws of the Hun (1918)
Godfrey Stanton
The Vamp (1918)
Mr. Fleming
Go West, Young Man (1918)
Amos Latham
Tyrant Fear (1918)
James Dermot
Coals of Fire (1918)
James Bradley
Wolves of the Rail (1918)
Murray Lemantier
The Flame of the Yukon (1917)
"Black Jack" Hovey
They're Off (1917)
Daniel Hackett

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