Louise Lovely




Director (Feature Film)

Jewelled Nights (1925)

Cast (Feature Film)

Shattered Idols (1922)
Diana Chichester
The Old Nest (1921)
Kate, age 21--31
The Heart of the North (1921)
Patricia Graham
Life's Greatest Question (1921)
Nan Cumberland
While the Devil Laughs (1921)
Mary Franklin
Partners of Fate (1921)
Helen Meriless
The Poverty of Riches (1921)
Grace Donaldson
The Skywayman (1920)
Virginia Ames
The Little Grey Mouse (1920)
Beverly Arnold
The Third Woman (1920)
Eleanor Steele
The Orphan (1920)
Helen Shields
The Joyous Troublemaker (1920)
Beatrice Corlin
The Butterfly Man (1920)
Bessie Morgan
Twins of Suffering Creek (1920)
Little Casino
The Last of the Duanes (1919)
Jenny Lee
Wings of the Morning (1919)
Iris Deane
Wolves of the Night (1919)
Isabel Hollins
Johnny-on-the-Spot (1919)
Anne Travers
The Man Hunter (1919)
Helen Garfield
The Usurper (1919)
Beatrice Clive
The Lone Star Ranger (1919)
Ray Longstreth
Life's a Funny Proposition (1919)
Mary Austin
Nobody's Wife (1918)
Hope Ross
The Wolf and His Mate (1918)
Bess Nolan
Painted Lips (1918)
Lou McTavish
The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit (1918)
Joan Tracy
A Rich Man's Darling (1918)
Julie Le Fabrier
The Reed Case (1917)
Helen Reed
The Gift Girl (1917)
Sirens of the Sea (1917)
The Field of Honor (1917)
Laura Sheldon
The Measure of a Man (1916)
Pattie Batch
Tangled Hearts (1916)
Vera Lane
Bobbie of the Ballet (1916)
Bobbie Brent
Bettina Loved a Soldier (1916)
The Social Buccaneer (1916)
Marjorie Woods
The Grip of Jealousy (1916)
Virginia Grant
The Gilded Spider (1916)
The Grasp of Greed (1916)
Alice Gordon

Producer (Feature Film)

The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit (1918)
Nobody's Wife (1918)
Painted Lips (1918)

Life Events