Eleazar Lipsky


Life Events


Movie Clip

Kiss Of Death (1947) - Open, Christmas Eve Chilling opening with narration by Coleen Gray (who'll appear as "Nettie"), introducing Nick Bianco (Victor Mature), from Henry Hathaway's Kiss Of Death, 1947, from a script by Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer and story by Eleazer Lipsky.
Kiss Of Death (1947) - Skin Off A Grape Chance first encounter before court between hard-luck family-man robber Nick (Victor Mature) and nasty mob guy Tommy Udo (Richard Widmark), prosecutor D'Angelo (Brian Donlevy) stopping by, in Henry Hathaway's Kiss Of Death, 1947.
Kiss Of Death (1947) - Lyin' Old Hag! Horrible famous scene in which Tommy (Richard Widmark, in his first movie) executes Ma Rizzo (Mildred Dunnock, neither old nor a hag) for not giving up her son, Henry Hathaway directing, in Kiss Of Death, 1947.
People Against O'Hara, The (1951) - Three Beers Nicely staged urban crime by director John Sturges, photographed by John Alton, character actor Jay C. Flippen the sailor-bystander who will turn up later, opening The People Against O'Hara, 1951.
People Against O'Hara, The (1951) - No Thanks, Knuckles Recovering alcoholic prosecutor turned defense lawyer Curtayne (Spencer Tracy) is summoned to see gangster "Knuckles" Lanzetta (Eduardo Ciannelli) and trophy wife (Yvette Duguay), early in MGM's The People Against O'Hara, 1951.
People Against O'Hara, The (1951) - We Plead Not Guilty First court appearance for Spencer Tracy as recovering-alcoholic and ex-prosecutor Curtayne, defending accused killer and family friend Johnny (James Arness), John Hodiak the prosecutor, Henry O’Neill the judge, then a jail visit, angered because Johnny isn’t telling him everything, in The People Against O’Hara, 1951.
People Against O'Hara, The (1951) - Old Friends The O'Hara's (Louise Lorimer, Arthur Shields) appeal to their old neighbor, the recovering alcoholic prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer Curtayne (Spencer Tracy) on behalf of their son, early in John Sturges' The People Against O'Hara, 1951.