Alberta Lee




Cast (Feature Film)

The Love Letter (1923)
Mrs. Halloway
Nancy From Nowhere (1922)
The Fourteenth Lover (1922)
Mrs. Hardy
The Little Minister (1922)
Margaret Dishart
Watch Your Step (1922)
Mrs. Weaver
The Light in the Clearing (1921)
Aunt Deel
Not Guilty (1921)
Martha, the chaperon
Live Wires (1921)
Mrs. Harding
The Magnificent Brute (1921)
Mrs. Fontaine
The Cheater (1920)
The Butterfly Man (1920)
Mrs. Blynn
Rouge and Riches (1920)
Aunt Lucia
The Road to Divorce (1920)
Mrs. Bird
The Wishing Ring Man (1919)
Grandmother Havenith
The Red Viper (1919)
Mrs. Hogan
Prudence on Broadway (1919)
Mrs. Ogilvie
Whom the Gods Would Destroy (1919)
The Mother and the Law (1919)
The wife
Beyond the Shadows (1918)
Mrs. Du Bois
The Man Who Woke Up (1918)
Alias Mary Brown (1918)
Mrs. Browning
Keith of the Border (1918)
Mrs. Murphy
The Painted Lily (1918)
Mrs. Wayne
The Lonely Woman (1918)
Mrs. Pendleton
Limousine Life (1918)
Mrs. Wills
Love's Pay Day (1918)
Marie Bretans
Closin' in (1918)
Mrs. Carlton
Real Folks (1918)
Mrs. Dugan
False Ambition (1918)
An Old Fashioned Young Man (1917)
The Housekeeper
The Sudden Gentleman (1917)
Mrs. Burns
The Little Yank (1917)
Mrs. Castleton
The Fuel of Life (1917)
Mrs. Spalding
Children of the Feud (1916)
Mrs. Cavanagh
Martha's Vindication (1916)
The nurse
Reggie Mixes in (1916)
Agnes' mother
A Sister of Six (1916)
Miss Ruth
Little Meena's Romance (1916)
Jacob's mother
Intolerance (1916)
His wife
The Wolf Man (1915)
Her aunt
Bred in the Bone (1915)

Life Events