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Silver Cord, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Let Me Look At You Now Snapping forward as German-born Christina scientist (Irene Dunne) and her architect husband (Joel McCrea) arrive from Heidelberg at his family country home, meeting his brother’s fianceè (Frances Dee) then Robert (Eric Linden), and Laura Hope Crews their mother, in her celebrated Broadway role, in The Silver Cord, 1933.
Silver Cord, The (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Have You Had Many Frances Dee as Hester and Eric Linden as younger-brother and fiancè Robert have stepped forward in the family drama, she having nearly offended his well-heeled mother, causing a more forthright discussion than she expected, in director John Cromwell’s The Silver Cord, 1933, from Jane Murfin’s script based on Sidney Howard’s hit play.
Crowd Roars, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) You're Under Contract Joining director Howard Hawks’ action, exteriors shot apparently at Ventura Speedway near Los Angeles, famous pro driver Joe (James Cagney) toying with ambitious younger brother Eddie (Eric Linden), their first run on a track together, in Warner Bros.’ The Crowd Roars, 1932.
Crowd Roars, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) You Don't Always Get Killed Champion race driver Joe (James Cagney) with sidekick Spud (Frank McHugh) back at the hometown auto shop for the first time in years with dad (Guy Kibbee) and kid brother (Eric Linden) who, it transpires, has ambitions to become a top driver himself, in Warner Bros.’ The Crowd Roars, 1932.
Age Of Consent, The (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Blanket Over Your Head ageofconsent32_Director Gregory La Cava begins with vignettes around a campus that looks a lot like USC, then introduces co-ed Betty (Dorothy Wilson), professor David (John Halliday), playboy Duke (Eric Linden) and boyfriend Michael (Richard Cromwell), in The Age Of Consent, 1932._FC_133a
Ah, Wilderness -- (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Look What They Did To Lincoln New England, 1906, a school dance, Eric Linden as "George," seen as something of a surrogate for the playwright, Cecilia Parker his tentative partner "Muriel," in MGM's hit 1935 version of Eugene O'Neill's only comedy, Ah, Wilderness, 1935.
Ah, Wilderness -- (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Kiss Me Sister! Richard (Eric Linden) arrives home to the Miller clan, Lionel Barrymore and Spring Byington the parents, Bonita Granville his sister, Wallace Beery colorful uncle Sid, Frank Albertson the brother and Aline MacMahon aunt Lily, early in MGM's 1935 version of Eugene O'Neill's Ah, Wilderness.
Ah, Wilderness -- (1935) -- (Movie Clip) Strange Currents Will Carry Us Graduate Richard (Eric Linden) orates, brother Tommy (Mickey Rooney) horsing around in the audience with Mom (Spring Byington), and father (Lionel Barrymore), following his text, intervenes just in time, in Eugene O'Neill's comedy of New England society, Ah, Wilderness. 1936.
Sweepings (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Brass Buttons The children of widowed San Francisco department store tycoon Pardway (Lionel Barrymore) get grown-up into Freddie (Eric Linden), Bert (George Meeker), Phoebe (Gloria Stuart) and Gene (William Gargan), narrative efficiency from RKO and director John Cromwell, in Sweepings, 1933.
Voice Of Bugle Ann, The -- (Movie Clip) Just Plain Music At home with son Benjy (Eric Linden) and the wife (Spring Byington), Spring Davis (Lionel Barrymore) delights in the vocal qualities of his new favorite hunting dog in The Voice Of Bugle Ann, 1936, from MacKinlay Kantor's novel.
Voice Of Bugle Ann, The -- (Movie Clip) Cement In The Mud With a farewell to the Mrs. (Spring Byington), Spring Davis (Lionel Barrymore) leads his posse to confront Terry (Dudley Digges) about his dog, in a watershed moment from The Voice Of Bugle Ann, from MacKinlay Kantor's novel.