Ralph Lewis




Cast (Feature Film)

The Pride of Jesse Hallam (1981)
The Flying Serpent (1946)
Richard Thorpe
G. I. Honeymoon (1945)
Lt. Randall
The Jade Mask (1945)
Jim Kimball
Dillinger (1945)
China's Little Devils (1945)
Danny Boy (1945)
Joe Cameron
Shadow of Suspicion (1944)
Army Wives (1944)
Leave It to the Irish (1944)
The Utah Kid (1944)
Marked Trails (1944)
Trigger Law (1944)
Tom Buchanan
Singing Outlaw (1938)
Colonel Bixer
The Buccaneer (1938)
Prominent gentleman
Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)
Business man
Behind the Mike (1937)
Maid of Salem (1937)
Westbound Limited (1937)
Foreman of jury
The Accusing Finger (1936)
San Francisco (1936)
Singer in "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Border Flight (1936)
Captain of boat
Dr. Socrates (1935)
Outlaw Rule (1935)
John Lathrop
The Lost City (1935)
Sunset Range (1935)
Swifty (1935)
Alec McNeil
Behind the Green Lights (1935)
Second Judge
Thanks a Million (1935)
Diamond Jim (1935)
Man at bar
Terror of the Plains (1934)
Dad Lansing
Mystery Liner (1934)
Professor Grimson
The Fighting Hero (1934)
Badge of Honor (1934)
Randall Brewster
Ready for Love (1934)
Mr. Thompson
Somewhere in Sonora (1933)
Kelly Burton
Riot Squad (1933)
Judge Moore
Sucker Money (1933)
John Walton
Private Jones (1933)
The Lost Squadron (1932)
McKenna of the Mounted (1932)
American Madness (1932)
The Bad One (1930)
The Fourth Alarm (1930)
Chief Turner
Abraham Lincoln (1930)
The Girl in the Glass Cage (1929)
John Cosgrove
Casey Jones (1928)
Casey Jones
Crooks Can't Win (1928)
Dad Gillen
Outcast Souls (1928)
John Turner
The Shield of Honor (1928)
Dan MacDowell
Held by the Law (1927)
George Travis
The Sunset Derby (1927)
Sam Gibson
Bigger Than Barnum's (1926)
Peter Blandin
The Block Signal (1926)
"Jovial Joe" Ryan
The Silent Power (1926)
John Rollins
The False Alarm (1926)
Fighting John Casey
The Lady From Hell (1926)
Earl of Kennet
The Shadow of the Law (1926)
Charles Brophy
Fascinating Youth (1926)
John Wardrobe
Heir-Loons (1925)
Who Cares (1925)
Grandfather Ludlow
The Re-creation of Brian Kent (1925)
Homer Wardrobe
The Overland Limited (1925)
Editor Barton
The Bridge of Sighs (1925)
William Craig
One of the Bravest (1925)
John Kelly
The Last Edition (1925)
Tom McDonald
The Million Dollar Handicap (1925)
John Porter
Untamed Youth (1924)
East of Broadway (1924)
In Every Woman's Life (1924)
Untamed Youth (1924)
Joe Ardis
Dante's Inferno (1924)
Mortimer Judd
The Man Who Came Back (1924)
Thomas Potter
The Fog (1923)
Johnathan Forge
Desire (1923)
De Witt Harlan
The Westbound Limited (1923)
Bill Buckley
The Third Alarm (1923)
Dan McDowell
Blow Your Own Horn (1923)
Nicholas Small
Vengeance of The Deep (1923)
Captain Musgrove
The Mailman (1923)
Bob Morley
Tea--With a Kick (1923)
Jim Day
Environment (1922)
"Diamond Jim" Favre
In the Name of the Law (1922)
Patrick O'Hara
The Sin Flood (1922)
Flesh and Blood (1922)
Fletcher Burton
The Five Dollar Baby (1922)
Ben Shapinsky
Broad Daylight (1922)
Peter Fay
Prisoners of Love (1921)
Her Father
Salvage (1921)
Cyrus Ridgeway
Man--Woman--Marriage (1921)
The Father
A Private Scandal (1921)
Phillip Lawton
Sowing the Wind (1921)
The Conquering Power (1921)
Père Grandet
What Women Love (1920)
James King Cotton
Common Sense (1920)
Dan Bowers
813 (1920)
Robert Castleback
Outside the Law (1920)
Silent Madden
The Mother and the Law (1919)
The governor
Eyes of Youth (1919)
Robert Goring
The Valley of the Giants (1919)
Col. Pennington
The Long Lane's Turning (1919)
Governor Eveland
The Hoodlum (1919)
Alexander Guthrie
The Dub (1919)
Frederick Blatch
When the Clouds Roll by (1919)
Curtis Brown
Fires of Youth (1918)
John Linforth
Cheating the Public (1918)
John Dowling
Revenge (1918)
"Sudden" Duncan
The Kid Is Clever (1918)
Jazzbando Boullion
A Tale of Two Cities (1917)
Roger Cly
Jack and the Beanstalk (1917)
Francis' father
The Silent Lie (1917)
Her Temptation (1917)
Ralph Stuart
This Is the Life (1917)
Count Herman Von Nuttenburg
The Flying Torpedo (1916)
Head of the board
A Sister of Six (1916)
Caleb Winthrop
Macbeth (1916)
Going Straight (1916)
John Remington
Gretchen, the Greenhorn (1916)
John Van Houck
Martha's Vindication (1916)
Deacon Hunt
Hell-to-Pay Austin (1916)
Dad Dawson, her father
Let Katie Do It (1916)
Uncle Dan Standish
The Children Pay (1916)
Theodore Ainsley, the girls' father
Intolerance (1916)
The governor
The Birth of a Nation (1915)
Hon. Austin Stoneman, leader of the house
Jordan Is a Hard Road (1915)
The Wolf Man (1915)
Hilbert Grinde, "The Wolf Man"
The Outcast (1915)
The judge
The Escape (1914)
The Senator
The Avenging Conscience; Thou Shalt Not Kill (1914)
The detective
The Great Leap; Until Death Do Us Part (1914)
The Floor Above (1914)
The Gangsters (1914)
Spike Golden
Home, Sweet Home (1914)

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