Raoul J. Lévy



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And God Created Woman (1956) - I Brought The Apple First scene, provocative introduction of Brigitte Bardot (as "Juliette") in her star-making role, visited by her much-older lover Eric (Curt Jurgens), and directed by her husband Roger Vadim, from And God Created Woman, 1956.
And God Created Woman (1956) - It's All She Wants Cocksure eldest brother Antoine (Christian Marquand) has found Juliette (Brigitte Bardot) at the town dance, his brothers Christian (Georges Poujouly) and Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant) annoyed, early in And God Created Woman, 1956.
And God Created Woman (1956) - Stupid Boat! Impetuous Juliette (Brigitte Bardot) has recklessly taken a motorboat out on her own, resulting in a rescue and one last tryst with Antoine (Christian Marquand), in And God Created Woman, 1956, directed by Bardot's husband Roger Vadim.
Night Heaven Fell, The (1958) - There's Been Enough Misfortune So far we know only that Ursula (Brigitte Bardot, with her ex-husband, Roger Vadim directing) is a French schoolgirl visiting Spain, when Stephen Boyd (as Lamberto) insists on riding along to see her aunt (Alida Valli) and uncle (Pepe Nieto), early in The Night Heaven Fell , 1958.
Night Heaven Fell, The (1958) - The Hunt Is Over French teen Ursula (Brigitte Bardot), arrived in Spain to visit her aunt (Alida Valli), has decided she's in love with the local who got into a fight with her uncle (Pepe Nieto) that afternoon, leading to a romp directed by Bardot's ex-husband Roger Vadim, in The Night Heaven Fell, 1958.
Night Heaven Fell, The (1958) - It Charges Like A Bull Roger Vadim has written and directed his ex-wife Brigitte Bardot (as French schoolgirl Ursula, visiting Spain) into a bullfight, which she attends in hopes of meeting handsome Lamberto (Stephen Boyd), whom we know also has a thing with her aunt (Alida Valli) in The Night Heaven Fell, 1958.