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Charge of the LIght Brigade, The (1936) - His Highness Surat Khan Sir Humphrey (E.E. Clive) leads Vickers (Errol Flynn), Randall (David Niven) and others into a giant Warner Bros. set where they meet Surat Khan (C. Henry Gordon) in an early scene from The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1936.
Charge of the LIght Brigade, The (1936) - It's Rather Silly Delicate moment in which Brit Captain Vickers (Errol Flynn), departing on another mission on the sub-continent, confers with father Col. Campbell (Donald Crisp) then explains to his betrothed Elsa (Olivia de Havilland) that his brother is in love with her, which she already knows, in The Charge of the Light Brigade., 1936.
Charge of the Light Brigade, The (1936) - Open, A Convoy Of British Lancers Heroic spinning of history and Lord Tennyson's poem, followed by a hearty introduction of Captain Vickers (Errol Flynn) and Sir Humphrey (E.E. Clive) in Warner Bros.' epic imperial hit The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1936, directed by Michael Curtiz.
Charge of the LIght Brigade, The (1936) - Here's Your Action! Captain Vickers (Errol Flynn) with Randall (David Niven) et al headed back to India from the northern frontier with empty horses (the director's phrase, cited by Niven in the famous title of his memoir), attacked by natives, in Michael Curtiz's epic The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1936.
Charge of the LIght Brigade, The (1936) - Massacre At Chukoti Vickers (Errol Flynn) and Warrenton (Nigel Bruce) come upon the altogether fictional "Massacre at Chukoti," which provides the revenge motive for the climax, in Warner Bros. British Imperial epic The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1936.
Tarzan And The Huntress (1947) - Never Kill For Fun Johnny Weissmuller (title character) happy with Jane (Brenda Joyce) and Boy (Johnny Sheffield), not aware yet of the hunting expedition led by Tanya (Patricia Morison, also from the title) and Marley (John Warburton), flying above, early in Tarzan And The Huntress, 1947.
Tarzan And The Huntress (1947) - Killer Lion Jungle intrigue as the king (Charles Trowbridge) gets shot in a staged stampede, his son (Ted Hecht) distraught, guests (Barton MacLane, Carl Marley, Patricia Morison) alarmed, creepy Suli (Maurice Tauzin) faking concern and Johnny Weissmuller arriving, in Tarzan And The Huntress, 1947.
Great Garrick, The - The Rest Is Slience Following a brief prologue, director James Whale recreates the climax of "Hamlet" at London's Theatre Royal, 1750, title character David Garrick (Brian Aherne) as the Danish prince, opening The Great Garrick, 1937.
Great Garrick, The - Flame Of Fame English thespian David Garrick (Brian Aherne), with manservant Tubby (Edward Everett Horton), at a French inn, more than nervous about his upcoming appearance with the Comedie Francaise in Paris, in James Whale's The Great Garrick, 1937.
Heaven Only Knows - Open, Book of Life Celestial opening credits and first scene from director Albert S. Rogell's "Angel in the Wild West" comedy Heaven Only Knows, 1947, starring Robert Cummings and Brian Donlevy.