Robert Edwin Lee

Playwright, Screenwriter


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Inherit The Wind (1960) -- (Movie Clip) That's Evolution For You Drummond (Spencer Tracy), based on lawyer Clarence Darrow, with Gene Kelly his newsman sidekick, arrives at the rural hotel where he meets both Mrs. (Florence Eldridge) and his opponent Mr. Brady (Fredric March) who are, it turns out, old friends, before the evolution trial, in Inherit The Wind, 1960.
Inherit The Wind (1960) -- (Movie Clip) Heaven Has Chosen Us Early events, teacher Cates (Dick York) is apprehended, and civic leaders (Claude Akins the preacher, Philip Coolidge the mayor, Wendell Holmes the banker) fret, in Stanley Kramer's film based on the "Scopes Monkey Trial" and the Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee play, Inherit The Wind, 1960.
Inherit The Wind (1960) -- (Movie Clip) Read Your Darwin Preliminaries in the rural Tennessee trial over the teaching of evolution in public school, heavyweight lawyers Brady (Fredric March) and Drummond (Spencer Tracy) with a jury candidate (Gordon Polk), Harry Morgan presiding, Dick York the accused, in Stanley Kramer's Inherit The Wind, 1960.
Mame (1974) -- (Original Trailer) Original trailer for the Warner Bros. production of the Jerry Herman Broadway musical with Angela Lansbury, with Lucille Ball in the title role, Mame, 1974.
Inherit The Wind (1960) -- (Movie Clip) We Are Simple Folk Named an honorary colonel in the state militia, Matthew Brady (based on three-time presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan) works the crowd in advance of the evolution trial he's volunteered to prosecute, Gene Kelly (as the H.L. Mencken-based Hornbeck) interrupting, early in Inherit The Wind, 1960.