Alice Lake




Cast (Feature Film)

Death on the Diamond (1934)
Mrs. Brisco
Glamour (1934)
Broadway Bill (1934)
The Girl from Missouri (1934)
Wharf Angel (1934)
The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Woman in museum
Skyway (1933)
Wicked (1931)
Young Desire (1930)
Twin Beds (1929)
Mrs. Treejohn
Frozen Justice (1929)
Little Casino
Untamed Justice (1929)
Circumstantial Evidence (1929)
Lucy Bishop
Women Men Like (1928)
Obey Your Husband (1928)
Runaway Girls (1928)
Agnes Brady
The Haunted Ship (1927)
Martha Gant
Roaring Fires (1927)
Sylvia Summers
Spider Webs (1927)
Flora Benham
The Angel of Broadway (1927)
The Wives of the Prophet (1926)
The Hurricane (1926)
Broken Homes (1926)
The Lost Chord (1925)
Countess Zara
The Price of Success (1925)
Ellen Harden
The Overland Limited (1925)
Violet Colton
The Virgin (1924)
Rosa, her daughter
The Dancing Cheat (1924)
"Poppy" Marie Andrews
The Law and the Lady (1924)
Marion Blake
Souls for Sale (1923)
The Marriage Market (1923)
Lillian Piggott
Modern Matrimony (1923)
Patricia Waddington
The Unknown Purple (1923)
Jewel Marchmont
The Spider and the Rose (1923)
Broken Hearts of Broadway (1923)
Bubbles Revere
Nobody's Bride (1923)
Mary Butler
Red Lights (1923)
Norah O'Neill
More To Be Pitied Than Scorned (1922)
Viola Lorraine
Environment (1922)
Sally Dolan, known as "Chicago Sal"
Hate (1922)
Babe Lennox
The Golden Gift (1922)
Nita Gordon
Kisses (1922)
Betty Ellen Estabrook
I Am the Law (1922)
Joan Cameron
Uncharted Seas (1921)
Lucretia Eastman
The Hole in the Wall (1921)
Jean Oliver
The Infamous Miss Revell (1921)
Julien Revell/Paula Revell
The Greater Claim (1921)
Mary Smith
Over the Wire (1921)
Kathleen Dexter
Love's Triumph (1920)
Body and Soul (1920)
Claire Martin
The Misfit Wife (1920)
Katie Malloy
Shore Acres (1920)
Helen Berry
Full of Pep (1919)
Felicia Bocaz
Should a Woman Tell? (1919)
Meta Maxon
Blackie's Redemption (1919)
Mary Dawson
Lombardi, Ltd. (1919)
Norah Blake
The Lion's Den (1919)
Dorothy Stedman
A Desert Hero (1919)
Come Through (1917)
Velma Gay
The Waiters' Ball (1916)
Playing Dead (1915)

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Lombardi, Ltd. - Glass Slide
Here is a Glass Slide for the Metro film Lombardi, Ltd. (1919), starring Bert Lytell and Alice Lake. Glass slides were used by many theaters to promote coming attractions during slide shows between movie screenings.