Jack Hoxie


Birth Place
King Fish Creek, Oklahoma
January 24, 1885
October 14, 1962

Family & Companions

Marin Sais
Actor. Co-starred in several of his films.




Cast (Feature Film)

Via Pony Express (1933)
Bud Carson
Gun Law (1933)
Sonora Kid
Trouble Busters (1933)
Tex Blaine
Law and Lawless (1932)
Gold (1932)
Jack Tarrant
Outlaw Justice (1932)
The Western Whirlwind (1927)
Jack Howard
Rough and Ready (1927)
Ned Raleigh
The Rambling Ranger (1927)
Hank Kinney
Men of Daring (1927)
Jack Benton
The Fighting Three (1927)
Jack Conway
Grinning Guns (1927)
"Grinner" Martin
Heroes of the Wild (1927)
Red Hot Leather (1926)
Jack Lane
Looking for Trouble (1926)
Jack William Pepper
The Wild Horse Stampede (1926)
Jack Tanner [Parker?]
The Demon (1926)
Dane Gordon
A Six Shootin' Romance (1926)
"Lightning" Jack
The Border Sheriff (1926)
Cultus Collins
The Fighting Peacemaker (1926)
Peace River Parker
The Last Frontier (1926)
Buffalo Bill Cody
The Sign of the Cactus (1925)
Jack Hayes
Ridin' Thunder (1925)
Jack Douglas
Two-Fisted Jones (1925)
Jack Wilbur
Don Dare Devil (1925)
Jack Bannister
The Red Rider (1925)
White Elk
The White Outlaw (1925)
Jack Lupton
Bustin' Thru (1925)
Jack Savage
A Roaring Adventure (1925)
Duffy Burns
Flying Hoofs (1925)
Frank Moody
Hidden Loot (1925)
Bustin' Through (1925)
The Phantom Horseman (1924)
Bob Winton
The Western Wallop (1924)
Bart Tullison
The Back Trail (1924)
Jeff Prouty
The Man From Wyoming (1924)
Ned Bannister
Ridgeway of Montana (1924)
Buck Ridgeway
Fighting Fury (1924)
Clay Hill, Sr./Clay Hill, Jr.
The Galloping Ace (1924)
Jim Jordon
Daring Chances (1924)
Jack Armstrong
Wolf Tracks (1923)
Jack Hastings
The Red Warning (1923)
Phillip Haver
Where Is This West? (1923)
John Harley
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande (1923)
"Pep" Pepper
The Forbidden Trail (1923)
Jack Merriwell/Col. Jim Merriwell
Men in the Raw (1923)
Windy Watkins
Galloping Thru (1923)
Desert Rider (1923)
Jack Sutherland, ranch owner
Riders of the Law (1922)
Two-fisted Jefferson (1922)
The Desert's Crucible (1922)
Jack Hardy, Jr./Deerfoot
The Marshal of Moneymint (1922)
Jack Logan
A Desert Bridegroom (1922)
Jack Harkins
The Crow's Nest (1922)
Barb Wire (1922)
Jack Harding
Back Fire (1922)
Sparks of Flint (1921)
The Sheriff of Hope Eternal (1921)
Drew Halliday
Dead or Alive (1921)
Jack Stokes
The Double O (1921)
Happy Hanes
Cyclone Bliss (1921)
Jack Bliss
Hills of Hate (1921)
Devil Dog Dawson (1921)
Cupid's Brand (1921)
Reese Wharton
The Broken Spur (1921)
"Silent" Joe Dayton/Jacques Durand
The Man from Nowhere (1920)
Clay Norton
Thunderbolt Jack (1920)
Lightning Bryce (1919)
Captain Courtesy (1915)

Life Events


Al Hoxie


Marin Sais
Actor. Co-starred in several of his films.