Thomas Holding




Cast (Feature Film)

Satan and the Woman (1928)
Ellison Colby
The Terrible People (1928)
The Nest (1927)
Archer Hamilton
The Masked Menace (1927)
The Crimson Flash (1927)
One Way Street (1925)
John Stuart
The Pace That Thrills (1925)
John Van Loren
The White Monkey (1925)
Michael Mont
The Necessary Evil (1925)
David Devanant
Ruggles of Red Gap (1923)
Earl of Brinstead
The Courtship of Miles Standish (1923)
Edward Winslow
The Stranger's Banquet (1922)
John Trevelyan
Rose o' the Sea (1922)
Peter Schuyler
The Trouper (1922)
Frank Kramer
The Three Musketeers (1921)
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
Without Benefit of Clergy (1921)
John Holden
The Lure of Jade (1921)
Capt. Louis Corey
Sacred and Profane Love (1921)
Frank Ispenlove
The Honey Bee (1920)
Harris Doreyn
In Folly's Trail (1920)
Charles Howard
The Woman in His House (1920)
Peter Marvin
A Woman Who Understood (1920)
Mr. Alden
Beckoning Roads (1919)
Cecil Barrington
The Peace of Roaring River (1919)
Hugo Ennis
Her Kingdom of Dreams (1919)
Jim Warren
Tangled Threads (1919)
Philip Northrop
One Week of Life (1919)
Kingsley Sherwood
The Lady of Red Butte (1919)
Webster Smith
The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1919)
Roger Karslake
The Life Mask (1918)
Captain Hugh Shannon
The Danger Zone (1918)
Senator Fitzmaurice
The Dream Lady (1918)
John Squire
The Vanity Pool (1918)
Gerald Harper
Marriage (1918)
Carter Ballantyne
The Light Within (1918)
Doctor Leslie
Tempered Steel (1918)
Dr. Richard Sheldon
Magda (1917)
Daughter of Destiny (1917)
The Crown Prince
Her Fighting Chance (1917)
Jan Thoreau
The Wax Model (1917)
Melville Ilchester
The Great White Trail (1917)
Rev. Arthur Dean
Redeeming Love (1916)
John Bancroft
The Spider (1916)
Julian St. Saens
The Moment Before (1916)
Silks and Satins (1916)
Felix Breton
The White Pearl (1915)
Bob Alden
The Eternal City (1915)
David Rossi, also known as David Leone
Sold (1915)
Donald Bryant
Bella Donna (1915)
Nigel Armine
Lydia Gilmore (1915)
Ralph Benham

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