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Look Back In Anger (1959) - Fourteen Pounds Of Jelly Babies Jimmy (Richard Burton) with partner Cliff (Gary Raymond) sets up his candy-stand and encounters the irritating constable Hurst (Donald Pleasence) in Tony Richardson's Look Back In Anger, 1959.
Look Back In Anger (1959) - Give Her A Pink Gin Wife Alison (Mary Ure) walks into a buzz saw, arriving in the pub where Jimmy (Richard Burton) is schmoozing his benefactor Mrs. Tanner (Edith Evans) in Tony Richardson's Look Back In Anger, 1959.
Look Back In Anger (1959) - I'm Her Landlord! Jimmy (Richard Burton) and Cliff (Gary Raymond) invade the rehearsal where Alison (Mary Ure) is trying to support Helena (Claire Bloom) in Tony Richardson's production of John Osborne's play Look Back In Anger, 1959.
Look Back In Anger (1959) - Open, Jimmy A London jazz club is the setting, Jimmy (Richard Burton) wailing on his trumpet, in the opening of Tony Richardson's Look Back In Anger, 1959, co-starring Mary Ure and Claire Bloom, from John Osborne's play.
Entertainer, The (1960) - Up The Flag, Mick! Within an early flashback Joan Plowright as art teacher Jean recalls seeing off her brother (Albert Finney as Mick), with her fiancè Graham (Daniel Massey), his unit having been called up from London for the Suez Crisis, in director Tony Richardson’s The Entertainer, 1960, starring Laurence Olivier.
Entertainer, The (1960) - Nuns, Clergymen And Dogs! Sister Jean (Joan Plowright) and stepmother Phoebe (Brenda De Banzie) worrying over paratrooper brother Mick, grandfather Billy (Roger Livesey) harrumphing, when actor father Archie (Laurence Olivier) arrives, early in Tony Richardson's The Entertainer, 1960.
Entertainer, The (1960) - Talent Got A Bit Thin Joan Plowright as Jean visiting from London, Alan Bates her brother Frank catching up on the Morecambe, Lancashire promenade, discussing their song & dance man father (Laurence Olivier), then visiting the (still standing) Winter Gardens theater, Tony Richardson directing from the John Osborne play, in The Entertainer, 1960.
Entertainer, The (1960) - Miss Great Britain Hefty set piece from director Tony Richardson, Archie (Laurence Olivier) the M-C at a seaside beauty contest, his sister Jean (Joan Plowright), father (Roger Livesey) and stepmother (Brenda De Banzie) spectating, in The Entertainer, 1960.
Entertainer, The (1960) - He's A Fool On location at Morecambe in north Lancashire, worried Jean (Joan Plowright) with her retired actor grandfather Billy (Roger Livesey), turning to her father, his son, Archie (Laurence Olivier), his first appearance, also Alan Bates as her brother, in Tony Richardson's The Entertainer, 1960.
Devil's Own, The (1966) - Nothing Can Eat Your Soul The prologue in Africa to this Hammer Films feature which will transpire in England, Joan Fontaine as teacher Gwen, keeping her head better than her assistants (Willie Payne, Rudolph Walker), but serious voodoo at the door, in The Devil's Own, (a.k.a. The Witches) 1966.
Devil's Own, The (1966) - Schoolteacher Alleges Joan Fontaine (as teacher "Gwen"), having hurried to the scene of what she fears may have been a murder, called upon probably for the only time in her career to be run down in a stampede of sheep, her sinister employer (Kay Walsh) sort of rescuing, in Hammer Films' The Devil's Own, 1966.