Virginia Kellogg


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Movie Clip

Caged (1950) - I'm On The Last Lap Bad news from the infirmary nurse (Eileen Stevens) as new inmate Marie (Eleanor Parker) is led to isolation where she meets another nurse (Jane Darwell) and a dying roommate (June Whipple) in John Cromwell's Caged, 1950.
Caged (1950) - Open, Pile Out You Tramps! Opening sequence is in the wagon carrying Marie (Eleanor Parker), Emma (Ellen Corby) and friends to prison, from director John Cromwell's seminal women-in-prison drama Caged, 1950.
Caged (1950) - Being Here Is The Punishment Agnes Moorehead hasn’t been introduced but we infer she’s the warden, receiving panicked, pregnant 19-year old, probably wrongly-convicted widow Marie (Eleanor Parker), offering wisdom, in Warner Bros.’ and producer Jerry Wald’s Caged, 1950, from screenwriter Viriginia Kellog’s original research.
Caged (1950) - Hype The New Fish New in the women's prison, Marie (Eleanor Parker) gets support from Kitty (Betty Garde), Smoochie (Jan Sterling), Claire (Joan Miller) and wacky Georgia (Gertrude Michael) in John Cromwell's Caged, 1950.
Caged (1950) - Presents For My Girls Fellow inmate Ann (Lynn Sherman) introduces new girl Marie (Eleanor Parker) to the all-kinds-of-scary matron Harper (Hope Emerson), in John Cromwell's prison drama Caged, 1950.
White Heat (1949) - That Sound Funny To You? Deep cover cop Pardo (Edmond O'Brien) gets caught by his gangster boss Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) trying to sneak away from the hide-out, who then recalls his dead mother, in Raoul Walsh's White Heat, 1949.
White Heat (1949) - She's Dead In the prison mess-hall, word comes to gangster Cody Jarrett (James Cagney) that his mother has passed, in a famous scene from Raoul Walsh's White Heat, 1949.
White Heat (1949) - Red Hot Buzz Saw The first "domestic" scene, featuring Cody (James Cagney) and Ed (Steve Cochran) and introducing Ma (Margaret Wycherly) and Verna (Virginia Mayo) and foreshadowing troubles, in Raoul Walsh's White Heat, 1949.
White Heat (1949) - Changing Engineers Cody (James Cagney) and the gang (Mickey Knox, Ford Rainey et al) in the car, Big Ed (Steve Cochran) on the train, in the neatly shot "tunnel job" sequence opening Raoul Walsh's White Heat, 1949.
T-Men (1947) - A Guy Could Kick Off While counterfeit gang under-boss Diana (Jane Randolph) deals with undercover Treasury agent O'Brien (Dennis O'Keefe), posing as a supplier, goon Moxie (Charles McGraw) offs compromised conspirator "Schemer" (Wallace Ford) in a steam room, a famous scene from Anthony Mann's T-Men, 1947.
T-Men (1947) - Guys Handy With Ice Picks Now undercover in Detroit, narration leads undercover Treasury agents Alfred Ryder and Dennis O'Keefe, posing as hoods Genaro and Harrigan, to counterfeit racketeer Vantucci (Anton Kosta), who buys their back-stories, in Anthony Mann's T-Men, 1947.
White Heat (1949) - Take Your Shots Pardo (Edmond O'Brien), sent to solitary for refusing his vaccinations, is the topic for Cody (James Cagney) and cell-mates, who don't know he's an under-cover operative, in Raoul Walsh's White Heat, 1949.