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Lisa (aka The Inspector) - Movie Poster
Where the Boys Are - Publicity Stills




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Lisa (aka The Inspector) - Movie Poster
Lisa (aka The Inspector) - Movie Poster
Where the Boys Are - Publicity Stills
Here are a number of publicity stills from Where the Boys Are (1960), starring George Hamilton and Yvette Mimieux. Publicity stills were specially-posed photos, usually taken off the set, for purposes of publicity or reference for promotional artwork.


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Come Fly With Me (1963) - Cavitation Still on her first flight, Brewster (Pamela Tiffin) gets punked by Teddy (James Dobson), as Bergie (Lois Nettleton) meets Lucas (Karl Malden) and a drunk, and Donna (Dolores Hart) encounters the baron (Karl Boehm), Winsley (Hugh O'Brian) observing, plots taking off, in Come Fly With Me, 1963.
Come Fly With Me (1963) - Lafayette, We Are Here! Just de-planed at Orly, “Tex” Lucas (Karl Malden), having gained a phone number from flight attendant Bergie (Lois Nettleton), is surprised to be met by a private car, as the girls (Pamela Tiffin as kooky Carol, Dolores Hart as savvy Donna) catch a cab, and Paris appears, early in MGM’s Come Fly With Me, 1962.
Come Fly With Me (1963) - Polar Atlantic Racing through what would become Kennedy airport in New York, new flight attendant Brewster (Pamela Tiffin) meets friendly colleague "Bergie" (Lois Nettleton), less-so Donna (Dolores Hart) plus officers Winsley (Hugh O'Brian) and Shepherd (James Dobson), opening MGM's Come Fly With Me, 1963.
Where The Boys Are (1960) - Adult Heterosexual Society Freshman co-ed Merritt (Dolores Hart) has a stuffy dose, under questioning in class by Dr. Raunch (Amy Douglass) at her fictional Midwestern university, early in Where The Boys Are 1960.
Where the Boys Are (1960) - How Big Are Your Feet? Tuggle (Paula Prentiss), Merritt (Dolores Hart), Melanie (Yvette Mimieux) and Angie (Connie Francis) meet "TV" (Jim Hutton), who clinches a ride to Lauderdale by answering an odd question in Where The Boys Are, 1960.
Where The Boys Are (1960) - Single Blessedness Brown U. senior Ryder (George Hamilton) is the first to make headway with midwestern freshman co-ed Merritt (Dolores Hart), found on the beach with pal Angie (Connie Francis) in Where The Boys Are, 1960.
King Creole - Lover Doll Elvis (as Danny Fisher) provides diversion performing "Lover Doll" by Sid Wayne and Abner Silver while his pals rob a dime-store and Danny meets the dreamy Nellie (Dolores Hart) in King Creole, 1958.