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Horse Soldiers, The (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Sense of Justice Showcase for Confederate deserters (Denver Pyle and Strother Martin) whom Colonel Marlowe (John Wayne) uses and abuses, impressing Miss Hannah (Constance Towers) and Kendall (William Holden) in John Ford's The Horse Soldiers, 1959.
Saint Jack (1979) -- (Movie Clip) No No, Kong Hong! Ben Gazzara (title character who, we’re learning, is an honest pimp with a cleaner legit job) entertains Hong Kong businessman Leigh (Denholm Elliott) with a visit to his Singapore Brit barfly friends, Joss Ackland, James Villiers (as voluble Froggett), Rodney Bewes and Mark Kingston, in Peter Bogdanovich’s Saint Jack, 1979.
Saint Jack (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Nothing To Do With The Animal At the Singapore airport Ben Gazzara (title character), executing an errand for his Chinese businessman boss, works his contacts and picks up English Leigh (Denholm Elliott), Andrew Chua driving the cab, Peter Bogdanovich directing from the script he co-wrote with novelist Paul Theroux and Howard Sackler, in Saint Jack, 1979.
Holly And The Ivy, The (1952) -- (Movie Clip) You've Always Got A Headache Relations arriving for Christmas at the Norfolk vicarage where Jenny (Celia Johnson) keeps house for her widow father Rev. Gregory (Ralph Richardson), greeting brother in law Richard (Hugh Williams), seeing off her semi-secret beau David (John Gregson), managing aunts (Maureen Delany, Margaret Halstan) and soldier brother (Denholm Elliott), Margaret Leighton traveling alone, in The Holly And The Ivy, 1952.
Billy Jack (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Do They Love Each Other? Observed by students (featuring singer-songwriter Katy Moffat at age 20) at her free-form progressive rural Arizona school, Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor) with Tom Loughlin (her writing and producing partner, husband, title character and director) discuss a field trip into town in Billy Jack, 1971.
Billy Jack Goes To Washington (1976) -- (Movie Clip) And Congress Adjourns Lucie Arnaz in the Jean Arthur role (as “Saunders,” in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) means to demonstrate to the appointed neophyte senator Tom Laughlin (writer, director and title character), his wife (Delores Taylor) and friends they’ve no chance to pass a bill, in Billy Jack Goes To Washington, 1976.
Billy Jack (1971) -- (Movie Clip) He Thinks She Ran Away Runaway Barbara (Julie Webb), just returned home to Arizona but beaten by her deputy sheriff father and found by Tom Laughlin (the title character, writer and director), is examined by the doctor (Victor Izay) and compassionate sheriff (Clark Howat), leading to the introduction of educator Jean (Delores Taylor), in Billy Jack, 1971.
Billy Jack (1971) -- (Movie Clip) Now Everybody's White Shooting at courthouse plaza in Prescott, Arizona, Bernard (David Roya), the confirmed wimpy-bully son of a powerful local rancher, is abusing the part-Indian kids (Debbie Schock, Stan Rice et al) from the nearby progressive school when their advocate (Tom Laughlin, the writer, director and title character) intervenes, in Billy Jack, 1971.
Billy Jack (1971) -- (Movie Clip) I Am The Law Just as Kenneth Tobey (as deputy sheriff Mike) is about to execute the instructions of crooked rancher Posner (Bert Freed) to slaughter captured wild horses, title character Tom Laughlin, who also wrote and directed under assumed names, appears, his intervention finished with continuing narration by Delores Taylor (also Mrs. Laughlin) as Jean, early in Billy Jack, 1971.
Having A Wild Weekend (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Meat For Go Dave, leader of the band playing stunt-man "Steve," off to work with the rest of the Dave Clark Five, director John Boorman spoofing an ad campaign featuring his not-girlfriend Dinah (Barbara Ferris), early in Having A Wild Weekend, 1965.
Having A Wild Weekend (1965) -- (Movie Clip) Catch Us If You Can The first scene from director John Boorman in his first film, introducing the Dave Clark Five, with their hit tune and morning workout, not so silly in that they play stunt men, singer Mike Smith first on the trampoline, from Having A Wild Weekend, 1965.
Gallant Hours, The (1960) -- (Movie Clip) Put That Ice Pick Away Admiral Halsey (James Cagney) gets the skinny on Yamomoto from Commander Pulaski (Vaughn Taylor) then diverts aide Lowe (Dennis Weaver) and doctor Keys (Walter Sande) in producer-director Robert Montgomery's bio-pic The Gallant Hours, 1960.


To the Devil, a Daughter - (Original Trailer) An occult writer (Richard Widmark) fights to save a friend's daughter from Satanists in To The Devil, A Daughter (1976).
Nebraskan, The - (Black-and-white Trailer) A frontier scout tries to make peace between settlers and the Sioux in The Nebraskan (1953).
Trading Places - (Teaser Trailer) A Wall Street investor (Dan Aykroyd) and a man from the hood (Eddie Murphy) find themselves Trading Places (1983).
Night They Raided Minsky's, The - (Original Trailer) An Amish girl (Britt Ekland) in turn-of-the-century New York gets mixed up in burlesque and accidentally invents the strip tease in The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968).
Dangerous Mission -- (Original Trailer) A woman flees westward after witnessing a mob killing in Dangerous Mission (1954) starring Victor Mature Piper Laurie, Vincent Price and Dennis Weaver.
Bridges At Toko-Ri, The - (Re-Issue Trailer) Two jet pilots forge a lasting friendship while fighting the Korean War in The Bridges At Toko-Ri (1954).
Robin And Marian - (Original Trailer) Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn play a middle-aged Robin Hood and Maid Marian called back to action and romance.
Boys From Brazil, The - (Original Trailer) A Nazi hunter (Laurence Olivier) tracks a mad scientist (Gregory Peck) out to bring back Hitler.
Alfie - (U.S. Trailer) What's it all about? Ask Alfie (1966), Michael Caine in one of his greatest roles as a love-em-and-leave-em lothario.
What's The Matter With Helen? - (Original Trailer) Adelle (Debbie Reynolds) and Helen (Shelly Winters) run a dance studio in the Thirties. But What's The Matter With Helen? (1971).
Room with a View, A - (Original Trailer) An Englishwoman visiting Florence is torn between her straitlaced fiance and a young Bohemian in the acclaimed Merchant-Ivory period drama A Room with a View (1985).
Touch of Evil - (1998 Re-issue Trailer) An Interpol agent risks his wife's life to investigate a crooked sheriff in Touch of Evil (1958), directed by Orson Welles.