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Mary Burns, Fugitive (1935) — (Movie Clip) A Nice Gal Like You Dramatic prison intake sequence, accomplished shots and montage directed by William K. Howard, as title character Sylvia Sidney enters and meets cellmate Goldie (Pert Kelton), in Mary Burns, Fugitive, 1935, from Paramount and producer Walter Wanger, also starring Alan Baxter and Melvyn Douglas.
Cat And The Fiddle, The (1934) - Music In Exchange For Indigestion Clever opening, Brussels already established, Ramon Novarro is introduced as composer-performer Victor, tangling with the proprietor (Paul Porcasi) and eventually meeting co-star Jeanette MacDonald as visiting American Shirley, in MGM’s version of the Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach Broadway hit, The Cat And The Fiddle, 1934.
Cat And The Fiddle, The (1934) - The Night Was Made For Love Broke and infatuated composer Victor (Ramon Novarro) has crossed a Brussels rooftop pursuing American Shirley (Jeanette MacDonald), herself an aspiring performer, whom he’s just met, leading to a Jerome Kern-Otto Harbach song, then remembering his audition, in MGM’s The Cat And The Fiddle, 1934.
Cat And The Fiddle, The (1934) - She Didn't Say Yes Daffy Brussels music patron Charles (Butterworth) caught a bouquet tossed out by American Shirley (Jeanette MacDonald), who’s both arguing and celebrating a new gig with new friend Victor (Ramon Novarro), whose friends turn up, for a Jerome Kern-Otto Harbach song, in MGM’s The Cat And The Fiddle, 1934.
Vanessa, Her Love Story (1935) - That Wild Strain Of Blood After a prologue on family history and gypsy blood, Otto Kruger introduces those celebrating the 100th birthday of Lady Paris (May Robson), Violet Kemble Cooper, Henry Stephenson, Lewis Stone, star Helen Hayes, and leading man Robert Montgomery intruding, in MGM’s Vanessa, Her Love Story, 1935.
Vanessa, Her Love Story (1935) - One Wild Night In Persia Days before their wedding, rogue-ish Benji (Robert Montgomery) and cousin Helen Hayes (title character), optimistic, as she explains to her father (Lewis Stone), who hasn’t mentioned his heart condition, when tragic events ensue, in Vanessa, Her Love Story, 1935, adapted from the Hugh Walpole novel.
Don't Bet On Women (1931) - I Swallowed A Fish Roger (Edmund Lowe) and Chip (J.M. Kerrigan) are about to go yachting, to get away from women in general, when Kentuckian Tallulah (Una Merkel) swims by, pre-Code innuendo ensuing, early in director William K. Howard’s Don’t Bet On Women, co-starring Jeanette MacDonald.
Don't Bet On Women (1931) - That Bet Is On! Offended lawyer and host Drake (Roland Young) is upset at his client and guest Fallon (Edmund Lowe) for suggesting he could seduce any woman, proposing a bet into which his own virtuous wife (Jeanette MacDonald) unknowingly walks, the main premise, in Don’t Bet On Women, 1931
Don't Bet On Women (1931) - Some Of Them Are Worse Joining the opening scene, jaded New Yorker Roger (Edmund Lowe), in from an evening with Chip (J.M. Kerrigan), bemoans the qualities of women and congratulates his butler (James T. Mack) on fending off a few, in Don’t Bet On Women, 1931, newly restored by TCM and the Museum of Modern Art.
Don't Bet On Women (1931) - Nothing Lovable About Me The agendas of bored playboy Roger (Edmund Lowe) and socialite Jeanne (Jeanette MacDonald) are not quite clear here, in their first scene together after she insisted on following through on her husband’s bet that he could not kiss her within 48 hours, in Don’t Bet On Women, 1931.
Fire Over England - You Are The Queen's Servant Young Michael (Laurence Olivier) and Sir Richard (Lyn Harding) Ingolby are the captives of old friend Don Miguel (Robert Rendell), who expects the Spanish Inquisition (!) in Alexander Korda's Fire Over England, 1937.
Fire Over England - A Message From Her Heart Teenage lady-in-waiting Cynthia (Vivien Leigh) attends to her royal grandfather Burleigh (Morton Selten) who receives alarming news of her boyfriend abroad, in Alexander Korda's Fire Over England, 1937.