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Silver Cord, The (1933) - Let Me Look At You Now Snapping forward as German-born Christina scientist (Irene Dunne) and her architect husband (Joel McCrea) arrive from Heidelberg at his family country home, meeting his brother’s fianceè (Frances Dee) then Robert (Eric Linden), and Laura Hope Crews their mother, in her celebrated Broadway role, in The Silver Cord, 1933.
Silver Cord, The (1933) - Have You Had Many Frances Dee as Hester and Eric Linden as younger-brother and fiancè Robert have stepped forward in the family drama, she having nearly offended his well-heeled mother, causing a more forthright discussion than she expected, in director John Cromwell’s The Silver Cord, 1933, from Jane Murfin’s script based on Sidney Howard’s hit play.
Dodsworth (1936) - Americans Are Always Such Snobs Newly retired American auto magnate Samuel Dodsworth (Walter Huston, title character) and wife (Ruth Chatterton) have just set sail for Europe, their attitudes not in synch, meeting English Locket (David Niven), in William Wyler's film from the Sinclar Lewis novel, Dodsworth, 1936.
Dodsworth (1936) - You Do Need Soothing Abandoned on the deck by his wife and her handsome new friend, retiring American auto manufacturer Sam (Walter Huston, title character) is giddy about seeing land on his first trip to England, supported by a steward (Wilson Benge) then worldly Edith (Mary Astor), in William Wyler’s Dodsworth, 1936.
Dodsworth (1936) - The Most Amusing Friends Early in her Paris stay, eager American Fran (Ruth Chatterton), wife of the retiring auto executive title character, Walter Huston, whom she forgets to meet, aims to impress French pal Renee (Odette Myrtle) and her cultured associate Iselin (Paul Lukas, his first appearance), in William Wyler’s Dodsworth, 1936.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Twelve Oaks Massive staging as Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) arrives at the Wilkes' plantation, meets Ashley (Leslie Howard), and Melanie (Olivia de Havilland) and spies Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) for the first time in Gone With The Wind, 1939.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Savannah Would Be Better Blinding narrative speed covers the entire marriage of Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) to Charles (Rand Brooks), her plan to further pursue Ashley (Leslie Howard) and upbraiding by Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) to boot, in Gone With The Wind, 1939.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Never Be Hungry Again! If ever a scene called for an intermission, Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) hears bad news from slaves (Butterfly McQueen, Hattie McDaniel), flees the house, and makes a vow, ending the first half of Gone With The Wind, 1939.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - All Our Prayers Ashley (Leslie Howard) is departing for war when Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) at last confesses her love, in one of many romantic climaxes in Gone With The Wind, 1939, from Margaret Mitchell's novel.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Frankly, My Dear... Maximum spoiler ALERT here, the ending in which Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) pleads with Rhett (Clark Gable) who offers his fateful line, followed by hers, alone, in Gone With The Wind, 1939.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Bringing A Baby Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) seeks out Doc Meade (Harry Davenport), leading to one of the most famous shots from Gone With The Wind, 1939, then returns home to strike Prissy (Butterfly McQueen) and deliver Melanie's baby herself.
Raffles (1939) - Can This Be You Talking? The end of the jewel robbery, in which David Niven, the gentleman-thief, cricket-star title character is barely seen, then we meet Bunny (Douglas Watson), Olivia De Havilland as sister Gwen, the love interest, then Lady and Lord Melrose (Dame May Whitty, Lionel Pape), in Samuel Goldwyn’s Raffles, 1939.