Andrew Roud


Life Events


Movie Clip


Split, The - (Original Trailer) Jim Brown heads an all-star cast in The Split (1968), about a heist planned during an L.A. Rams game.
Anderson Tapes, The - (Original Trailer) A thief (Sean Connery) plans a heist in a building full of surveillance cameras in Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes (1971).
In Cold Blood - (Original Trailer) Robert Blake and Scott Wilson play the men who murder a Kansas family In Cold Blood (1967), based on the Truman Capote book.
Color Purple, The - (Original Trailer) Eleven Oscar nominations went to Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of the Alice Walker novel The Color Purple (1985).
Out-of-Towners, The -- (Original Trailer) A man's New York job interview turns into a nonstop nightmare in the Neil Simon comedy, The Out-of-Towners (1970), starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis.
John and Mary - (Original Trailer) Two young singles (Dustin Hoffman, Mia Farrow) meet at a bar, sleep together, and spend the next day getting to know each other in John and Mary (1969).
Deadly Affair, The - (Original Trailer) A secret agent investigates the tangled affairs surrounding a government official's suicide in The Deadly Affair (1966) starring James Mason.
Pawnbroker, The - (Original Trailer) A Harlem pawnbroker (Rod Steiger) tries to cope with his changing neighborhood while haunted by memories of the concentration camps in The Pawnbroker (1965).
Slender Thread, The - (Original Trailer) Sidney Poitier mans the suicide hotline in Sydney Pollack's first movie The Slender Thread (1965).
Italian Job, The (1969) - (Original Trailer) Michael Caine blows the bloody doors off in the original heist thriller, The Italian Job (1969).
Cactus Flower - (Original Trailer) A philandering dentist asks his assistant to help him deal with his latest girlfriend in Cactus Flower (1969) starring Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn.
Walk, Don't Run - (Original Trailer) Cary Grant's last movie sent him to Tokyo trying to find a place to stay during the 1964 Summer Olympics.