André Génovès


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Movie Clip

Guns, Girls And Gangsters (1958) - Clear The Decks Lee Van Cleef is the villain watching from outside and Gerald Mohr, though he's a crook himself, is the object of the affection of "Vi" (Mamie Van Doren), performing her second original tune in the picture, at a New Year's party, in Guns, Girls And Gangsters, 1958.
Guns, Girls And Gangsters (1958) - Released From San Quentin The narrator is not credited but meant to be credible, introducing Las Vegas, anti-hero Wheeler (Gerald Mohr) and target Darren (Grant Richards), opening the Mamie Van Doren feature from low-budget Imperial Pictures, Guns, Girls And Gangsters, 1958.
Guns, Girls And Gangsters (1958) - Singing Bombshell Narration guides ex-con Wheeler (Gerald Mohr) to the Las Vegas-area night club where the main attraction is "Vi" (top-billed Mamie Van Doren), her opening number by Buddy Bregman and Stanley Styne, early in Guns, Girls and Gangsters, 1958, directed by B-movie specialist Edward L. Cahn.
Cowboy Canteen - Goin' To Lasso A Rainbow Tex Coulter (Ritter) offers up a tune by Alma Sioux Scarberry and Connie Glore while he and romantic rival Steve (Charles Starrett) trail the wagon carrying Connie (Jane Frazee) and driven by Spud (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams), early in Cowboy Canteen, 1944.
Cowboy Canteen - Ridin' Herd On A Cloud Opening scene, Jimmy Wakely and his band in uniform on a train with a tune evidently written for drafted cowboys, Connie (Jane Frazee) and Vera Vague also introduced, in Cowboy Canteen, 1944.
My Pal Trigger (1946) - Livin' Western Style Opening scene, narration from the star (playing, as ever, himself) and the first song, moving on to meet "Susan" (Roy's wife-to-be Dale Evans) and her dad "Gabby" (ever-present George "Gabby" Hayes), in My Pal Trigger, 1946.