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The Love Clinic (1968)

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Thomas Crown Affair, The (1968) - Windmills Of Your Mind The snazzy opening from director Norman Jewison (and editors Hal Ashby and Ralph Winters), Noel Harrison’s vocal on the hit tune by Michel Legrand and Alan & Marilyn Bergman, leading to title character Steve McQueen interrogating clownish recruit Jack Weston, in The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968.
In The Heat Of The Night (1967) - Bow Legged Polly People forget that Warren Oates as deputy Wood carries the first several sequences, cruising the fictional town of Sparta, Mississippi, to an original tune on the radio, by Quincy Jones and Alan and Marilyn Bergman, sung by Glen Campbell, opening In The Heat Of The Night, 1967.
F For Fake (1973) - A Film About Trickery Orson Welles directs and performs his opening, the film begun with French documentarian Francois Reichenbach for the BBC, and the briefest introduction of his elusive subjects Elmyr de Hory and Clifford Irving, in F For Fake, 1973.
F For Fake (1973) - Two Ibizas Still many revelations short of his central topic, director, writer and performer Orson Welles zeroes in on the Spanish island of Ibiza, beginning to explain the relationship between art forger Elmyr de Hory and presumptive journalist Clifford Irving, in F For Fake, 1973.
F For Fake (1973) - Introducing Oja Kodar Prurient and fascinating, music by Michel Legrand, Orson Welles and his cameras committing mischief in Paris, entirely a digression from the broader subject of art and forgery, with an appearance by Laurence Harvey, in the high-brow documentary F For Fake, 1973.
Any Wednesday - Chicago Calling Song by George Duning and Alan and Marilyn Bergman, mid-60's Broadway-cum-Hollywood tastes apparent, Jane Fonda and Jason Robards Jr., in the opening of Any Wednesday, 1966, from the play by Muriel Resnik.
Behold A Pale Horse - Manuel Artiguez Little Paco (Marietto Angeletti), having snuck into France, finds the dissolute former Spanish Republican fighter Manuel Artiguez (Gregory Peck), his first proper scene in Fred Zinnemann's Behold A Pale Horse, 1964.