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Marked Woman (1937) - From Tiddlywinks To Roulette Gangster Johnny Vanning (Eduardo Cianelli), his character inspired by Charles "Lucky" Luciano, surveys the goods (including staff hostesses, Bette Davis as Mary, Lola Lane as Gabby, Isabel Jewell as Emmy Lou and Mayo Methot as Estelle) in the night club he's taken over, early in Marked Woman, 1937.
Four Daughters (1938) - Right On The Nose Michael Curtiz directing, father (Claude Rains) conducting, Kay (Lane sister Rosemary) singing, Thea (Lola) fretting, Jane (Priscilla) cooking and Emma (Gale Page) assisting, preparing for eligible dinner guest Ben Crowley (Frank McHugh), in Four Daughters, 1938.
Hollywood Hotel (1938) - Mona Marshall In Glamour Girl The real Mona having a tantrum, her stunt double Virginia (Rosemary Lane) has been recruited to stand-in at her premiere, featuring another Louella Parsons appearance, escorted by studio hack Bernie (Allyn Joslyn) and newly signed singer Ronnie (Dick Powell), who doesn’t know about the swap, Ronald Reagan handling introductions, in Warner Bros.’ Hollywood Hotel, 1938.
Hollywood Hotel - Opening Credits Opening credits from Warner Bros.' Hollywood Hotel, 1938, directed by Busby Berkeley, starring Dick Powell and Lola and Rosemary Lane, songs by Dick Whiting and Johnny Mercer.
Daughters Courageous (1939) - Not Enough Enthusiasm Happy mayhem at the Carmel, Ca home of the the Masters sisters, Lola Lane as Linda, Gale Page as Cora, Rosemary Lane as Tinka, greeting Jeffrey Lynn as playwright Johnny, who’s really there to see Buff (Priscilla Lane), May Robson as Penny, early in the non-sequel to Four Daughters(1938), Daughters Courageous, 1939.
Daughters Courageous (1939) - A Well Brought-Up Mother Fay Bainter is mom to the Masters sisters (Lola Lane, Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane and Gale Page) of Carmel, Ca, indirectly informing them that Sam, the landlord, has proposed, early in Warner Bros.’ same-cast but not-sequel to the hit Four Daughters from the previous year, Daughters Courageous, 1939.
Daughters Courageous (1939) - Who's Head Of The Family Landlord Sam (Donald Crisp), his proposal accepted by Mrs. Masters (Fay Bainter) is joining the girls (Priscilla Lane, Lola Lane, Rosemary Lane and Gale Page) for a first meal when maid Penny (May Robson) announces dad Jim (Claude Rains), appearing for the first time in 20 years, in Daughters Courageous, 1939.
Deadline At Dawn (1946) - The Sailor Took It Blind "Sleepy" (Marvin Miller) having walked upstairs during credits, woozy Edna (Lola Lane) finds the money she owes him gone, from a story by Cornell Woolrich, script by Clifford Odets, the only film by noted stage director Harold Clurman, Deadline At Dawn, 1946, starring Susan Hayward.
Four Daughters (1938) - Genius In The Famiiy Opening introducing father Adrian Lemp (Claude Rains) then all four girls (Lane sisters, Priscilla as "Ann" on violin, Rosemary, vocal, as "Kay", Lola, as "Thea" on piano, and Gale Page, as "Emma," on harp), and May Robson as "Aunt Etta," from the Warner Bros. hit Four Daughters, 1938.
Marked Woman - Open, Johnny Opening credits and first scene entering the "Club Intime," as gangster Johnny (Eduardo Cianelli) moves in, from Marked Woman, 1937, starring Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart.
Girls of the Road - Next County Line Vagrant girls including Kay (Ann Dvorak) and Mickey (Helen Mack) who seems rightly freaked about boarding a train, leading to some compelling shots from director Nick Grinde in Girls of the Road, 1940.
Girls of the Road - Debu-Tramps Incognito do-gooder Kay (Ann Dvorak) and pal Mickey (Helen Mack) enter an ad hoc girls' camp under the thumb of witty Elly (Lola Lane) in the social-drama exploitation hybrid Girls of the Road, 1940.