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This FREE email is your guide to all things TCM, and will provide you with everything you need to know about TCM from monthly programming to events, screenings and much more. On the 1st and 15th of each month, we'll deliver an email to you that includes:

  • A printable calendar of prime time programming and daytime themes on TCM
  • Rarely-seen images of stars and films featured each month
  • Great articles, biographies and information on monthly programming
  • Videos of interviews and what's playing this month on TCM
  • A variety of games, puzzles and contests 

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Please read the following for inquires related to Now Playing, including subscription refunds or contact TCM's Support Center
When will the email be sent out?
Your Now Playing newsletter will be delivered to your email on the 1st and 15th of each month.
I like to plan my viewing before the 1st, what can I do?
Our Now Playing newsletter is your guide to TCM during the month in which you receive it. If you would like to start planning the month ahead of time, we recommend going to the “Full Schedule” option on the Schedule section of TCM.com. Once there, click the drop-down menu of the Day/Month section, then select which day you want to view. You can view dates up to a month in advance, giving you plenty of time to start planning your viewing.
What features will be part of the email?
Each month your Now Playing newsletter will include the Programming Schedule as well as a printable monthly highlights calendar indicating premieres, primetime films and daytime themes. Your newsletter will also include articles and highlights of what’s playing this month on TCM, games (including the crossword puzzle), videos and more!
I’m having trouble opening links, what should I do?
It is possible that you have not added the Now Playing newsletter to your email provider’s “safelist.” Click your email service provider's notification under the header "To:" portion of the email that marks the Newsletter as safe and downloads the pictures. If you have and the links still aren’t working, then click “view email in browser” at the very top of your email above the Now Playing logo and click from there. 
It’s past the first, why haven’t I received my Now Playing newsletter?
It’s possible that your email was sent to your Junk Folder. Check that folder then add the Now Playing email to your safe list. You can also check the daily schedule page (or Facebook and Twitter at the beginning of the month) for a clickable link that will redirect you to an online version of the newsletter.
The schedule page is not showing the correct month’s programming, what should I do?
If this is the case, you may need to refresh your page. Please wait a few minutes then refresh the Programming Schedule page or visit the “Full Schedule” section of the site for a weekly or daily look at the schedule.
I just tried to print the guide, why is it so many pages?
TCM proudly shows classics 24 hours a day and our listings reflect every film, actor and director of these films. For a quick, handy printout of prime-time showings and daytime themes, we encourage you to print out the “At a Glance” document to refer to throughout the month.
You can also bookmark the Programming Schedule on your computer or mobile device for ease of access to keep up with what’s on.
Where are all the actor's and director's names when I print the schedule? 
If you want to print the schedule with all of the actors and directors present, press the "ctrl" and "P" button at the same time on your keyboard for a more extensive document, or print by clicking "Print" from the file options in your internet browser. 
Where are the answers for the crossword and trivia?
The answers for any trivia and puzzles will follow in each corresponding newsletter. All crossword answers from the 1st of the month will appear in the newsletter on the 15th and all trivia requiring answers from the 15th will be listed in the 1st.
I was a print subscriber, who can I contact regarding my refund?
Prorated refunds have been processed and either placed back on the original credit card on file, or a check was sent to the address you had on file when subscribing. If you have not received your refund or have questions regarding it, we ask that you please contact 
TCM's Support Center for refund inquiry.
But I loved the printed Now Playing Guide.
We are so glad that you enjoyed the printed guide and we thank you for your continued support. The Now Playing newsletter is a way to ensure that you, our fans, are able to keep up to date with everything happening at TCM including programming, Backlot events, Big Screen Classic events, deals in our shop and so much more. The Now Playing newsletter also gives us the ability to bring you more games, trivia and highlights from our programming, all for FREE! We are also constantly working to update the newsletter and what it offers based on your feedback, so look for more updates in the coming months.
I have a comment, who do I contact?
Please send all comments and concerns about the Now Playing newsletter to 
TCM's Support Center. Please note that due to heavy volume of calls and letters, we are unable to answer all questions.

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