Baby, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Baby's New Worker Windswept-looking Marianna Hill (as sister "Germanine") introduces herself to Ann (Anjanette Comer), the notably keen new social worker, conferring with mom, Mrs. Wadsworth (Ruth Roman) about the title character (David Manzy) whom, we soon learn, is a most unusual case, early in The Baby, 1973. Assault On Precinct 13 (1976) -- (Movie Clip) Smoking Can Kill You A vignette preceding the main event, introducing cop Starker (Charles Cyphers), the warden (John J. Fox), fearsome Wilson (Darwin Joston) and fellow inmates (Tony Burton, Peter Frankland), John Carpenter writing, directing, editing and scoring, in the original Assault On Precinct 13, 1976. Massacre Mafia Style - (Original Trailer) trailer Death By Invitation (1971) -- (Movie Clip) The Devil's Mistress Joining the opening, in a not altogether convincing version of 17th century Massachusetts, Shelby Leverington is the target and Aaron Phillips the ringleader, in the 1971 Midwestern regional drive-in horror programmer Death By Invitation. Blue Sunshine (1979) -- (Movie Clip) Remember Rodan? After apparently unrelated opeining scenes, introducing the loosely leading characters, Zalman King as "Jerry," Deborah Winters as "Alicia," at a party, friend Frannie (Richard Crystal) rolling out his Sinatra (?) impression, then bald weirdness, in Blue Sunshine, 1979. Doll Squad, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Split Little Man Sabrina (Francine York) gathering her squad seems unaware of thugs tailing her, which works out badly for Cherisse (Bret Zeller) and previously recruited martial artist Carol (Carol Terry), in schlock impresario Ted V. Mikels' The Doll Squad, 1973. Candy Snatchers, The (1973) -- (Movie Clip) Little Candy Phillips Very weird hippie-Catholic-criminal vibe, opening introducing the victim (Susan Sennet) and the band of kidnappers (Tiffany Bolling, Brad David and Vincent Martorano), from the controversial but obscure The Candy Snatchers, 1973. Hatchet For The Honeymoon -- (Movie Clip) I Know I Must Kill Cutting from the opening murder on a real train, the hero, fashion-house proprietor John (Stephen Forsyth) with his toys, then very composed narration and the introduction of his troublesome wife (Laura Betti), in Italian director Mario Bava's Hatchet For The Honeymoon, 1970. Free Radicals (2010) -- (Movie Clip) It Was The Sixties The opening to Pip Chodorov's documentary, appearances by his dad Stephan, Ken Jacobs, Hans Richter, Stan Brakhage and Robert Breer, among others, from Free Radicals: A History Of Experimental Film, 2010.