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2013 Academy Governors Award Winners
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2013 Academy Governors Award Winners

This year's special OscarsĀ® go to some very special people; TCM honors three recipients of the 2013 Academy Governors Awards with an evening of features celebrating their careers.

Commanding character actress and sprightly musical-comedy star Angela Lansbury shines in the political thriller The Manchurian Candidate (1962) as a malignant mother, and in the musical The Harvey Girls (1946) as a wicked saloon gal.

Steve Martin stars in the delightful retro musical Pennies from Heaven (1981), opposite Bernadette Peters, and in the amusing update of a classic comedy, Father of the Bride (1991), costarring Diane Keaton.

Italian costume designer Piero Tosi, who has been OscarĀ®-nominated five times, is represented by Le Notti Bianche (1957), a love story of two lonely people (Marcello Mastroianni and Maria Schell) in the port city of Livorno, and I Compagni (1963), which tells of striking workers in Turin at the turn of the century.
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