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Guest Programmer: Judge Judy

Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, holds court on TCM as Guest Programmer for January, joining host Robert Osborne to discuss the three films she has chosen.

Brooklyn-born Sheindlin has gained a reputation as a witty, no-nonsense decision-maker on her syndicated courtroom television series Judge Judy, which has been described as "a show where justice is dispensed at the speed of light." The highly rated show, in which Judge Judy adjudicates real-life small claims disputes, is now in its 18th season and, after 15 nominations, won its first Daytime Emmy Award last year as Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program.

All of Judge Judy's choices feature Oscar®-winning performances. She chooses The Good Earth (1937), the film version of the Pearl Buck novel, because she loves the book and the strength of character shown in Luise Rainer's role of O-Lan. Elmer Gantry (1960) was chosen in large part because of Burt Lancaster's "fun" and beautifully timed portrayal of the hypocritical evangelist of the Sinclair Lewis novel. For Judge Judy, watching The Goodbye Girl (1977) with the lovable performance of Richard Dreyfuss and the smart writing of Neil Simon is like "listening to a song."

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