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Harold Lloyd Shorts
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Harold Lloyd Shorts

Lonesome Luke, Messenger August 5, 1917
Incompetent bike messengers Lonesome Luke and Snub Pollard are keen to sneak into a nearby all-girls' school. Fate presents them with a rare chance: Snub is conscripted by paper hanger Bud Jamison into helping decorate the school's foyer, and Luke poses as an electrician to wire the school's outlets. So far so good--now they just need to avoid reducing the place to rubble.

By the Sad Sea Waves September 30, 1917
In one of Harold Lloyd's first experiments with his "glasses character," Harold's beachside afternoon is ruined by a violent and short-tempered life guard. There's nothing for it but for Harold to swipe a lifeguard's uniform for himself and try to impress Bebe Daniels. The only problem is: Life guards are supposed to save people, aren't they?

Bashful December 23, 1917
Harold Lloyd's aunt has left him a $2 million inheritance, on the condition that he is married with a baby. Girlfriend Bebe Daniels can pretend to be the wife, but what about the baby? Good thing butler Snub Pollard is good at kidnapping. Too bad he doesn't know when to stop.

The Big Idea December 30, 1917
Bebe Daniels' antique store is destined for bankruptcy, until Harold Lloyd cooks up a clever scam. All he has to do is convince everybody that there's a fortune hidden somewhere in the store. What could possibly go wrong?

A Gasoline Wedding March 3, 1918
Bebe Daniels' father wants her to elope. Or, more precisely, he wants Mr. Moneybags to kidnap Bebe and forcibly marry her before she does something foolish, like marry down-on-his-luck Harold Lloyd. Time to find out if Snub Pollard in drag looks enough like Bebe to fool Mr. Moneybags!

Look Pleasant, Please March 10, 1918
On the run from the law, Harold Lloyd agrees to swap places with the proprietor of a photography studio. What he doesn't know is the photographer wants to swap places because he's imminently expecting a jealous, armed husband out for revenge.

Take a Chance December 15, 1918
It's a classic boy-meets-girl story, boy-loses-girl, boy gets mistaken for an escaped convict and ruthlessly chased by armies of cops across the countryside in a thrill-packed stunt-addled climax. One of those.

A Sammy in Siberia April 6, 1919
Life looks grim for Siberian peasant Bebe Daniels--not only is the Siberian landscape an inhospitable frozen wasteland, but there are roaming packs of dangerous Bolsheviks led by Snub Pollard. There are also some brave American soldiers stationed nearby, but they've been functionally disabled by the cold. Luckily Harold Lloyd knows from cold, and what's an army of communists against a boy from Chicago?

Young Mr. Jazz April 20, 1919
You could call Bebe Daniels and Harold Lloyd "star-crossed lovers." If, by that, you mean they are at the mercy of: thieves, violent bouncers, angry waiters, greedy prostitutes, the cops, and Bebe's dad Bud Jamison. Then again, maybe Harold can win daddy over to their side after all. That just leaves everyone else...

The Marathon May 25, 1919
This 1919 short by director Alf Goulding features one of the earliest screen appearances of the "mirror gag" later popularized by the Marx Brothers in Duck Soup (1933). In a film full of characters swapping places with one another for comic effect, Harold Lloyd flees from a similarly dressed policeman only to find himself on the back side of a broken mirror. He's safe as long as he can continue to pretend to be the man's reflection. When a woman comes to the mirror, though, all bets are off.

Spring Fever June 29, 1919
There's nothing like a glorious spring day to turn a young man's mind away from work and onto other things. This particular spring day has had an extreme effect on Harold Lloyd--sending him out into the wide world where he feels compelled to help everyone he meets. The only problem is, his definition of "help" involves mostly kicking and slapping. Luckily he meets another wayward soul in Bebe Daniels. How long can the two of them keep running before the rest of the world catches up?

Just Neighbors July 13, 1919
It starts with a simple task. Harold Lloyd wants to help neighbor Snub Pollard set up a chicken coop in his backyard. Within minutes, this results in the near total destruction of every belonging of both families. That's when their problems really start.

By David Kalat