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Lawrence of Arabia

Introduction to Studio Archives

In a celebration of the wonders of modern film preservation, TCM presents a special showcase of movies that have been treated to painstaking digital restorations by six different studios.

Ned Price, Chief Preservation Officer at Warner Bros., presents The Wizard of Oz (1939), MGM's captivating musical fantasy, given a fresh restoration for its 70th anniversary Blu-ray™ release.

Schawn Belston, Senior Vice President of Library and Technical Services at 20th Century Fox, presents Leave Her to Heaven (1945), the compelling Technicolor melodrama about a possessive wife.

Andrea Kalas, Vice President of Archives at Paramount Pictures, presents Wings (1927), the silent World War I aviation epic that was restored as part of Paramount's 2012 Centennial Celebration.

Theodore E. Gluck, Director of Library Restoration and Preservation at the Walt Disney Studios, presents the restored Treasure Island (1950), a liveaction adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Bob O'Neil, Vice President of Image Assets and Preservation at Universal Pictures, presents The Invisible Man (1933), whose restoration was undertaken in conjunction with the studio's 100th anniversary.

Grover Crisp, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Film Restoration and Digital Mastering at Sony Pictures, presents David Lean's biopic Lawrence of Arabia (1962), given a stunning 50th anniversary restoration.