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Guest Programmer: Movie Morlocks Bloggers
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Movie Morlocks Bloggers Introduction

This month's guest programmers are some of the online writers who contribute fascinating articles to the TCM "Movie Morlocks" blog at Each writer chooses one film to discuss with TCM host Robert Osborne, revealing his or her expertise in cult films, foreign classics and other choice cinematic topics. Meet our Morlocks:

Suzi Doll: Suzi, who spent a starstruck childhood in Cleveland and blogs as "suzidoll," has been teaching, researching and writing about movies for more than 20 years. Her film choice: The Locket (1946), a psychological drama about a woman (Laraine Day) seeking vengeance after false accusations in her childhood.

Richard Harland Smith: Richard, who grew up in New England, was an ardent film fan from age eight and worked for a time as a playwright. Now located in Los Angeles, he writes about film for many venues, with a special interest in horror. Richard chooses Dracula's Daughter (1936, TCM premiere), a vintage vampire movie from Universal Studios.

Pablo Kjolseth: Pablo, who blogs as "keelsetter," grew up on "creature features" and has more than 20 years' experience in various jobs related to the film industry. His programming pick is Five Million Years to Earth (1968), a Hammer Horror production about an ancient Martian spaceship with strange powers.

Moira Neylon: Moira, who blogs as "moirafinnie," claims "a checkered past" that includes stints as a silversmith, caterer and creative writer. She responds to "the beauty of a well-lit black and white scene" and chooses Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954), French director Jacques Becker's study of an aging gangster (Jean Gabin) whose moral code is challenged by the changing times.