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Introduction to Moguls and Movie Stars
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Introduction to Moguls and Movie Stars

TCM is proud to present Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood (2010), an original, seven-part documentary that marks the channel's most ambitious project to date and the most comprehensive chronicle of the birth and dramatic growth of American movies ever produced for television. At the heart of this fast-paced and involving series are the lives and work of men and women who created a century of cinematic history beginning with the invention of machinery that created photographs that moved in the late 1800s and continuing through cutting-edge films of the 1960s.

The documentary's narrative is drawn from interviews with the Hollywood creative community and distinguished critics and historians; it is illustrated by archival photographs and, most importantly, excerpts from the greatest Hollywood films of all time. Narrated by Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® winner Christopher Plummer, Moguls & Movie Stars is a presentation of TCM in association with Turner Entertainment Co., and is produced by Ostar Productions and Wilkman Productions.

This series tells the story of Hollywood power--the larger than life men and women whose interpersonal relationships, collaborations and conflicts created an industry and an art form. The series also serves as a history of America, looking at how moviemakers responded to such major events as the Great Depression, World War II and the Civil Rights movement. A new episode airs at 8 p.m. each Monday, starting November 1 and concluding December 13, with an encore presentation Wednesday night (Wednesday showings are followed by a special discussion between producers and film historians). Each episode also repeats the following Monday at 7 p.m., leading into the premiere of the next episode at 8 p.m. Every showing is accompanied by a program of films related to that episode's content.