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Trivia - Mutiny on the Bounty ('62)
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Mutiny on the Bounty,Mutiny on the Bounty

Trivia & Fun Facts About MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY

Friday February, 22 2019 at 08:00 PM

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Mutiny on the Bounty only made $9.8 million on its initial release, hardly enough to earn back its estimated $19 million budget, plus the costs of prints and marketing.

Anthropologist Bengt Danielsson, an expert on Tahitian society, was hired as a consultant on Mutiny on the Bounty during location shooting. When he advised MGM executives that venereal disease was almost at an epidemic level on the islands, the studio sent an assistant to supervise Marlon Brando's liaisons with the locals.

When a call went out for 5,000 Tahitian extras to film the Bounty's arrival there, more than 6,000 showed up. When nobody would leave, MGM had to pay all of them.

Among the many problems caused by Brando during shooting was his ballooning weight. He ate so uncontrollably during filming that he rose from 170 to 210 pounds, requiring rushed alterations to his costumes. According to legend, he ripped through 52 pairs of pants. Eventually, the costumer had to make his pants out of stretch fabrics.

The only footage shot by Sir Carol Reed that remains in the film is the stone-fishing scene and a few shots of Captain Bligh attempting to dance with the natives.

At one point after Lewis Milestone took over as director, a crew member had to announce over the loudspeaker, "Will somebody please wake up the director? His feet are in the shot."

Hugh Griffith was notorious for committing practical jokes while drunk. On the flight to Tahiti he locked himself in the airplane's lavatory and defaced the walls and mirrors with obscenities. MGM had to pay $1,200 to clean it up.

Eventually, Griffith's drunken behavior was so outrageous the French police force had him shipped out of Tahiti, even though he still had scenes to shoot. The production company dealt with his absence by killing off his character and filming his burial at sea, even though there were no scenes suggesting he had fallen ill.

Brando partied so hard on Sundays, the company's day off, that he earned the nickname of "Never-on-Monday" Brando - because the following day he was always later than usual and rarely knew his lines. They often had to be written on random pieces of paper placed out of camera range around the set and on the other actors' costumes.

Trevor Howard was famous for never badmouthing a fellow actor, but after almost a year of putting up with Brando, he broke his silence. Even then, he was decidedly terse in his assessment: "The man is unprofessional and absolutely ridiculous." (Trevor Howard, quoted in Vivienne Knight, Trevor Howard: A Gentleman and a Player)

by Frank Miller

Famous Quotes from MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY

"Now don't mistake me. I'm not advising cruelty or brutality with no purpose. My point is that cruelty with purpose is not cruelty -- it's efficiency. Then a man will never disobey once he's watched his mate's backbone laid bare. He'll see the flesh jump, hear the whistle of the whip for the rest of his life." -- Trevor Howard, as Captain Bligh

"It is a matter of supernatural indifference to me whether you contaminate the natives or the natives contaminate you. I have but one concern - our mission. Let one of you provoke an incident which endangers it and I shall cause that man to curse his mother for giving him birth." -- Howard, as Captain Bligh

"Command allows no intimacies. You can hardly expect unquestioning obedience from last night's partner in a debauch." -- Howard, as Bligh

"I was just thinking, sir, that our little errand for groceries might wind up in a page of naval history if we succeed in negotiating The Horn in the dead of winter."
"Why shouldn't we succeed? Admiral Anderson did."
"Yes, but of course he didn't choose to attempt it in a ninety-one-foot chamber pot. In any event, his was the only ship to do it and I believe he lost fifty percent of his crew." -- Marlon Brando, as Fletcher Christian, questioning Howard's plans to sail around Cape Horn

"I wonder why an alleged gentleman should give his first loyalty to ordinary seamen."
"Instead of to other alleged gentlemen?"
"Impertinence noted. It shall be logged. Do you care to enlarge the entry?"
"Yes, only with this observation, which I will report to the Admiralty in any case: in my years of service I have never met an officer who inflicted punishment upon men with such incredible relish. Sickening."
"Then go and be sick in your cabin, Mr. Christian. I have never met a naval officer who was so proud of a weak stomach." -- Howard and Brando, as Fletcher Christian debating Howard's treatment of the crew

"There'll be no more killing aboard this ship, not even Captain Bligh."
"If that's an attempt to earn clemency, I spit on it." -- Brando, as Christian, granting Howard mercy after the mutiny

"Well you've done rather well, Ned. Promoted to the rank of criminal. Not even 20 and a death sentence on your head." -- Brando, to Tim Seely as Ned Young

"I put it to you, we shall never find contentment on this island." -- Brando, succumbing to the guilt that will lead to his death

"There's no chance for people like us to go back to England, give Bligh a bad name and walk free men ourselves. And anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't got the sense that God gave geese." -- Richard Harris, as John Mills

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