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Lawrence of Arabia
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Pop Culture 101 - LAWRENCE OF ARABIA

When Lawrence of Arabia became a hit, it inspired the use of Arabian motifs by several fashion designers, who created desert style beachwear, nightwear and ball gowns. One company even marketed a "Little Lawrence Beach 'n' Bath Burnoose." Elizabeth Aden created a line of "Chic Sheik" cosmetics, while a top hair salon featured two Lawrence hairdos: one a turban of hair and the other with hair combed straight down to the chin to meet underneath like a hood. "The Lawrence influence covers the fashion world as sand covers the Sahara," wrote one writer in Vogue magazine.

Lawrence of Arabia inspired increased tourism to Jordan. In fact, King Hussein was so impressed with the desert compound built to house the film company that he ordered a government commission to study it for ideas about how to develop a tourist resort in Aqaba.

Films in which Lawrence of Arabia is spoofed include Mel Brooks' comedy Spaceballs (1987) and the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), which even features a quote from Maurice Jarre's score.

Lawrence of Arabia inspired a sequel on British TV, A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia (1990), starring Ralph Fiennes as Lawrence.

by Frank Miller