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The Sound Of Music Story
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The Sound Of Music Story

By Tom Santopietro

Almost everyone it seems has seen this beloved classic musical but can you imagine the film starring Doris Day or Grace Kelly as Maria? How about Bing Crosby or Rex Harrison as Captain von Trapp? Did you know that the film was almost cancelled in the wake of Cleopatra? Or that it rescued its studio, 20th Century-Fox, from bankruptcy? This book, being released to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the film, provides intriguing and little-known stories about how the successful Broadway musical became an award-winning film that smashed box office records.

From the real-life story of Maria von Trapp, to the chronology of the Broadway play, Santopietro writes about the differences in those stories and the screenplay that captivated movie-goers around the globe as well as critical analysis of the careers of director Robert Wise and screenwriter Ernest Lehman.

Those who like their film history a little less star-studded will enjoy the stories of the critical controversy which greeted the films release as well the film's relationship to the turbulent 1960s. The book provides a well-rounded history not only for those who love the musical but those who enjoy the 1960s era of film history.

Tom Santopietro is the author of The Godfather Effect, The Importance of Being Barbra, Considering Doris Day and Sinatra in Hollywood. He lives in New York, New York.