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Starring Jerry Lewis
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Starring Jerry Lewis

Beloved for his zany slapstick performing style and revered as a director of film comedies, Jerry Lewis has enjoyed a career that encompasses eight decades and some 60 movies, along with numerous stage, radio and television appearances. In addition to performing and directing, Lewis wrote and produced many of his films. Join TCM for an evening of his movies, beginning with The Nutty Professor (1963) and footage shot for the screening of that Lewis classic at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival.

The TCM movies include two comedies from Lewis' days as partner to crooner Dean Martin. At War with the Army (1950) has Jerry as a sad-sack private and Dean as his bossy sergeant, while The Caddy (1953) casts the boys as a golfer and caddy who go into show business. Two more films represent Lewis' solo starring career after the team split in 1956. In Three on a Couch (1966), which Lewis also directed, he is an artist who plans to marry a psychiatrist (Janet Leigh) and poses as three different men to calm her patients' qualms about the opposite sex. In The Big Mouth (1967), produced, directed and co-written by Lewis, he plays the exact double of a notorious gangster with a hidden cache of stolen diamonds.

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