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Nov 02 06:00 AM Haunted Gold - (1932)
A cowboy and his girl fight bandits and a ghost over an abandoned mine. John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Slim Whitaker. D:Mark V. Wright. BW 58 m

Nov 02 07:00 AM Big Stampede, The - (1932)
A new sheriff faces the rustlers who killed his predecessor. John Wayne, Noah Beery, Luis Alberni. D:Tenny Wright. BW 54 m

Nov 02 08:00 AM Ride Him, Cowboy - (1932)
A cowboy tames a wild horse suspected of killing a man, then rides out to find the real culprit. John Wayne, Ruth Hall, Frank Hagney. D:Fred Allen. BW 55 m

Nov 02 09:00 AM Angel And The Badman - (1947)
When a Quaker girl nurses a notorious gunman back to health, he tries to adopt her peaceful ways. John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey. D:James Edward Grant. BW 100 m

Nov 02 10:45 AM Stagecoach - (1939)
A group of disparate passengers battle personal demons and each other while racing through Indian country. John Wayne, Claire Trevor, George Bancroft. D:John Ford. BW 96 m

Nov 02 12:30 PM Allegheny Uprising - (1939)
Colonial Settlers fight the corrupt British in the days before the American Revolution. John Wayne, Claire Trevor, George Sanders. D:William A. Seiter. BW CC 81 m

Nov 02 02:00 PM Tall In The Saddle - (1944)
A woman-hating cowboy signs on with a lady rancher. John Wayne, Ella Raines, Ward Bond. D:Edwin L. Marin. BW CC 87 m

Nov 02 03:30 PM Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The - (1962)
An experienced gunman and a peace-loving tenderfoot clash with a Western bully. John Wayne, James Stewart, Lee Marvin. D:John Ford. BW LBX 123 m

Nov 02 05:45 PM Horse Soldiers, The - (1959)
A Union cavalry officer leads his men on a vital mission behind Confederate lines. John Wayne, William Holden, Constance Towers. D:John Ford. C LBX 120 m

Nov 02 08:00 PM Hondo - (1953)
An Army man takes a widow and her son under his wing in Apache territory. John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond. D:John Farrow. 84 m

Nov 02 09:30 PM Chisum - (1970)
A cattle baron enlists Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid to help him fight a land war. John Wayne, Forrest Tucker, Christopher George. D:Andrew V. McLaglen LBX 111 m

Nov 02 11:30 PM Shootist, The - (1976)
A dying gunfighter tries to set his affairs in order. John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, James Stewart. D:Don Siegel. C LBX 99 m

Nov 02 01:30 AM Rooster Cogburn - (1975)
An aging U.S. Marshall and a minister's daughter join forces to catch a band of outlaws. John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Zerbe. D:Stuart Miller. 107 m

Nov 02 03:30 AM Telegraph Trail, The - (1933)
An Army scout volunteers to string telegraph wires through Indian territory. John Wayne, Marceline Day, Frank McHugh. D:Tenny Wright. BW 54 m

Nov 02 04:30 AM Man From Monterey, The - (1933)
A U.S. Cavalry officer tries to protect Spanish landowners in California. John Wayne, Lillian Leighton, Donald Reed. D:Mack V. Wright. 57 m

Nov 02 05:30 AM Randy Rides Alone - (1934)
An undercover agent searches for a murderous outlaw. John Wayne, Alberta Vaughn, George Hayes. D:Harry Fraser. BW 52 m

Nov 09 06:00 AM Indian Fighter, The - (1955)
A trail guide has to bring two crooked traders to justice to save his wagon train from Indian attack. Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli, Walter Matthau. D:Andre de Toth. C LBX 88 m

Nov 09 07:30 AM Man Without A Star - (1955)
A wandering cowboy gets caught up in a range war. Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Crain, William Campbell. D:King Vidor. C 89 m

Nov 09 09:00 AM Gunfight, A - (1971)
Two aging gunfighters sell tickets to their final shootout. Kirk Douglas, Johnny Cash, Jane Alexander. D:Lamont Johnson. C 89 m

Nov 09 10:30 AM Way West, The - (1967)
A senator hires a veteran scout to accompany a wagon train from Missouri to Oregon. Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark. D:Andrew V. McLaglen. C LBX 122 m

Nov 09 01:00 PM 3:10 To Yuma - (1957)
A sheriff must run the gauntlet to get his prisoner out of town. Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Felicia Farr. D:Delmer Daves. BW LBX 92 m

Nov 09 02:45 PM Last Challenge, The - (1967)
A young gun wants to make his name by shooting it out with the town marshal. Glenn Ford, Angie Dickinson, Chad Everett. D:Richard Thorpe. C LBX 96 m

Nov 09 04:30 PM Heaven With A Gun - (1969)
A gunslinger-turned-preacher is forced to return to his old ways. Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Hershey. D:Lee H. Katzin. CC 101 m

Nov 09 06:15 PM Day Of The Evil Gun - (1968)
A gunman tries to control a vengeful farmer whose wife has been kidnapped. Glenn Ford, Arthur Kennedy, Dean Jagger. D:Jerry Thorpe. C LBX 90 m

Nov 09 08:00 PM Ride The High Country - (1962)
Two aging gunslingers sign on to transport gold from a remote mining town. Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, Mariette Hartley. D:Sam Peckinpah. C LBX 94 m

Nov 09 10:00 PM Desperadoes, The - (1943)
When someone robs the town bank before he can, a bandit joins forces with the sheriff to catch the real crooks. Randolph Scott, Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor. D:Charles Vidor. C 87 m

Nov 09 11:30 PM Trail Street - (1947)
Bat Masterson fights to make Kansas safe for wheat farmers. Randolph Scott, Robert Ryan, Anne Jeffreys. D:Ray Enright. BW 84 m

Nov 09 01:00 AM Virginia City - (1940)
A rebel spy poses as a wild West dance hall girl. Errol Flynn, Miriam Hopkins, Humphrey Bogart. D:Michael Curtiz. BW CC 118 m

Nov 09 03:00 AM Badman's Territory - (1946)
A sheriff and a newspaperwoman take on a band of outlaws invading the Oklahoma panhandle. Randolph Scott, Ann Richards, Gabby Hayes. D:Tim Whalen. BW 94 m

Nov 09 04:45 AM Fargo Kid, The - (1941)
When a lawman is mistaken for a killer, he turns the mistake to his advantage. Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, Emmett Lynn . D:Edward Killy. BW 63 m

Nov 16 06:00 AM Thunder Of Drums, A - (1961)
A green Cavalry lieutenant learns the ropes fast when he's shipped out West. Richard Boone, George Hamilton, Arthur O'Connell. D:Joseph Newman. C LBX 97 m

Nov 16 08:00 AM From Noon Till Three - (1976)
A two-bit outlaw becomes a legend when he's mistakenly reported dead. Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Douglas Fowley. D:Frank D. Gilroy. C LBX 99 m

Nov 16 10:00 AM Guns For San Sebastian - (1968)
A Mexican bandit masquerading as a priest gets roped into helping villagers defend against an Indian attack. Anthony Quinn, Anjanette Comer, Charles Bronson. D:Henri Verneuil. C LBX 111 m

Nov 16 12:00 PM Breakheart Pass - (1976)
A U.S. Marshall tries to bring in a captured outlaw during a treacherous train ride. Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna. D:Tom Gries. C LBX 94 m

Nov 16 02:00 PM Firecreek - (1968)
A pacifist sheriff must use tougher means when his town is threatened by a band of outlaws. James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens. D:Vincent McEveety. C LBX 104 m

Nov 16 04:00 PM Bend Of The River - (1952)
A westerner with a questionable past leads a wagon train into the Oregon territory. James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Rock Hudson. D:Anthony Mann. CC 91 m

Nov 16 06:00 PM Two Rode Together - (1961)
Two tough westerners bring home a group of settlers who have spent years as Comanche hostages. James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shirley Jones. D:John Ford. C 109 m

Nov 16 08:00 PM Westerner, The - (1940)
A drifter accused of horse stealing faces off against the notorious Judge Roy Bean. Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Doris Davenport. D:William Wyler. BW CC 100 m

Nov 16 10:00 PM Man Of The West - (1958)
A reformed outlaw is among the hostages when his former colleagues rob a train. Gary Cooper, Lee J. Cobb, Julie London. D:Anthony Mann. C LBX 99 m

Nov 16 12:00 AM High Noon - (1952)
A retired Marshall must defend his town from a revengeful villain. Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell. D:Fred Zinnemann. CC 85 m

Nov 16 01:30 AM Vera Cruz - (1954)
During the Mexican Revolution, rival mercenaries team to steal a fortune in gold. Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster, Ernest Borgnine. D:Robert Aldrich. C LBX 94 m

Nov 16 03:30 AM Along Came Jones - (1945)
A mild-mannered cowboy is mistaken for a notorious outlaw. Gary Cooper, Loretta Young, William Demarest. D:Stuart Heisler. BW 90 m

Nov 23 06:00 AM Girl Rush - (1944)
Two vaudevillians try to round up some ready-made brides for gold prospectors. Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Frances Langford. D:Gordon Douglas. BW CC 65 m

Nov 23 07:30 AM Lusty Men, The - (1952)
A faded rodeo star mentors a younger rider but falls for his wife. Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward, Arthur Kennedy. D:Nicholas Ray. BW CC 113 m

Nov 23 09:30 AM Rachel And The Stranger - (1948)
A mail-order bride finds herself attracted to a handsome drifter. Loretta Young, William Holden, Robert Mitchum. D:Norman Foster. BW 79 m

Nov 23 11:00 AM Wonderful Country, The - (1959)
A hired gun falls for a Texas Ranger's wife. Robert Mitchum, Julie London, Pedro Armendariz. D:Robert Parrish. C 98 m

Nov 23 01:00 PM Vengeance Valley - (1951)
An honest rancher tries to block his evil brother's plots while keeping them from their father. Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru. D:Richard Thorpe. C 83 m

Nov 23 02:30 PM Valdez Is Coming - (1971)
An honest marshal is the only man willing to stand against a powerful but ruthless rancher. Burt Lancaster, Susan George, Jon Cypher. D:Edwin Sherin. LBX 90 m

Nov 23 04:00 PM Kentuckian, The - (1955)
A backwoodsman and his son fight to build a new home in Texas. Burt Lancaster, Dianne Foster, Walter Matthau. D:Burt Lancaster. C LBX 104 m

Nov 23 06:00 PM Lawman - (1970)
A by-the-books sheriff courts disaster when he takes on a corrupt town boss. Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Lee J. Cobb. D:Michael Winner. LBX 92 m

Nov 23 08:00 PM Gunfight At Dodge City, The - (1959)
Bat Masterson fights to clean up Dodge City. Joel McCrea, Julie Adams, John McIntire. D:Joseph M. Newman. C LBX 81 m

Nov 23 10:00 PM Outriders, The - (1950)
Rebel soldiers try to hijack a Union gold shipment. Joel McCrea, Arlene Dahl, Barry Sullivan. D:Roy Rowland. C 93 m

Nov 23 12:00 AM Fort Massacre - (1958)
Possibly mad cavalry commander leads his troops through dangerous Indian territory. Joel McCrea, Forrest Tucker, Susan Cabot. D:Joseph M. Newman. C LBX 81 m

Nov 23 01:30 AM Colorado Territory - (1949)
An outlaw just released from prison is sucked back into a life of crime in this remake of High Sierra. Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Dorothy Malone. D:Raoul Walsh. BW CC 94 m

Nov 23 03:30 AM Scarlett River - (1933)
During location shooting, a movie cowboy is called upon to act like the real thing. Tom Keene, Dorothy Wilson, Lon Chaney, Jr. D:Otto Brower. BW 54 m

Nov 30 06:00 AM Wild Rovers - (1971)
An aging cowboy joins up with a beginner to rob banks. William Holden, Ryan O'Neal, Tom Skerritt. D:Blake Edwards. C LBX 136 m

Nov 30 08:30 AM Escape From Fort Bravo - (1953)
The Civil War complicates the Cavalry's battle against Indians. William Holden, Eleanor Parker, John Forsythe. D:John Sturges. C CC 99 m

Nov 30 10:30 AM Alvarez Kelly - (1966)
An FBI agent avenges his buddy's death by clearing up three related cases. Jay Adler, Claude Atkins, Suzanne Alexander. D:Arnold Laven. C LBX 110 m

Nov 30 12:30 PM Duel At Diablo - (1966)
Racial tensions flair when a black officer joins a Cavalry troop fighting the Indians. James Garner, Sidney Poitier, Bibi Andersson. D:Ralph Nelson. C LBX 104 m

Nov 30 02:30 PM Hour Of The Gun - (1967)
Wyatt Earp tracks down the survivors of the Clanton Gang after the gunfight at the OK Corral. James Garner, Jason Robards, Jr., Robert Ryan. D:John Sturges. C LBX 101 m

Nov 30 04:15 PM Support Your Local Gunfighter - (1971)
A con artist poses as a notorious hired gun. James Garner, Suzanne Pleshette, Jack Elam. D:Burt Kennedy. C LBX 92 m

Nov 30 06:00 PM Big Guns Talk: The Story Of The Western - (1997 )
Interviews and film clips re-create the glorious history of the American western. James Garner Hosts. Interviews include Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck. D:Len Morris BW & C 94 m

Nov 30 08:00 PM Pale Rider - (1985)
A mysterious avenger helps the innocent citizens of a corrupt gold-mining town. Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress. D:Clint Eastwood. LBX 115 m

Nov 30 10:00 PM Two Mules For Sister Sara - (1970)
A wandering cowboy escorts a gunrunning nun through rough territory. Clint Eastwood, Shirley MacLaine, Manolo Fabregas. D:Don Siegel. C LBX 105 m

Nov 30 12:00 AM High Plains Drifter - (1973)
A mysterious gunman signs on to protect a small town from bandits. Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom, Mitch Ryan. D:Clint Eastwood. LBX 105 m

Nov 30 02:00 AM Hang 'Em High - (1968)
A mysterious drifter survives lynching then goes back for revenge. Clint Eastwood, Ed Begley, Inger Stevens. D:Ted Post. C LBX 115 m

Nov 30 04:00 AM San Antonio - (1945)
A reformed rustler tracks down a band of cattle thieves and tries to reform a crooked dance-hall girl. Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith, S.Z. Sakall. D:David Butler. C 109 m


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