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Starring Mel Brooks
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Starring Mel Brooks

In addition to his talents as producer, director and writer, Mel Brooks is one of our most gifted and hilarious comic actors--a point amply proven in this salute, which includes Dick Cavett's delightful TV interview with Brooks from 2006.

Two of the featured comedies are TCM premieres: Silent Movie (1976), an almost-non-speaking film with Brooks as a once-famous director attempting a comeback; and High Anxiety (1977), a send-up of Alfred Hitchcock movies with Brooks as the director of the PsychoNeurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous!

Also showing are The Twelve Chairs (1970), Brooks' version of the Russian novel in which he takes the small role of the servant Tikon; and To Be or Not To Be (1983), a sparkling remake of the WWII-era Ernst Lubitsch comedy in which Brooks stars opposite real-life wife Anne Bancroft.

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