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Silent Sunday Nights - January 2014
Remind Me

The Knockout

Fatty goes from strength to strength--literally--pummeling his brick-throwing nemesis Al St. John one minute, and going into the ring to whallomp a pair of desperate drifters the next.

Mack Sennett directed this deliriously paced short, which is packed with wall-to-wall talent: Arbuckle is joined by his real-life wife Minta Durfee and his nephew Al St. John, as well as gifted supporting players Edgar Kennedy, Charley Chase, Alice Howell, Mack Swain--even Sennett himself shows up briefly as "Spectator in Straw Hat." Of all the luminaries circling in supporting roles, however, one stands out especially today: Charlie Chaplin, as the referee. Chaplin had joined the studio half a year earlier, and had already established himself as a force to be reckoned with. By this point, both Chaplin and Arbuckle were starting to direct their own films, and were in head-to-head competition as the most popular draws on Keystone's roster.


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