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Silent Sunday Nights - January 2014
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suppliedTitle,Fatty Joins the Force

Fatty joins the Force

After rescuing a drowning girl, Fatty gets a plum new job as a Keystone Kop. The perks of this new position include: getting harassed by punk kids, and having a pie smushed in his face. The next thing you know, Fatty is half naked and covered in pie, and everyone thinks he's dead. Because, you know, pie.

This was the third Keystone short to use the name "Fatty" in the title. It is a remake of That Dare Devil, one of the farce comedies Mack Sennett made for Biograph in 1911. The kid who plants the pie in Arbuckle's face is Jack White--who apparently caught the pie-chucking bug hard. By the time White was a teenager, he was a comedy producer for Educational Pictures, producing shorts starring Al St. John and Lloyd Hamilton. Later, he and his younger brother Jules White became the formative creative team behind the Three Stooges.

By David Kalat