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Silent Sunday Nights - January 2014
Remind Me

Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life

Sunday January, 15 2017 at 12:00 AM

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While Fatty and Mabel cavort playfully on her family farm, sinister doings are underfoot in the house. The landlord has presented an offer: he will forgive the mortgage, if Mabel marries his son Al St. John. Even though Fatty has little to offer by comparison, other than property damage, Mabel's heart wants what it wants. Their attempted elopement is as poorly executed as it is poorly thought out.

During the second reel's chase sequence, Mabel's enraged father turns to the local police for help, and gets the assistance of a cross-eyed cop played by Bobby Dunn. Dunn was a diminutive comic stuntman who was recognized for a high-dive act, and recognizable for a high-dive accident. In his childhood, a high-dive stunt gone wrong deprived him of his teeth and one of his eyes. His glass eye was sometimes used for comic effect, as in Laurel and Hardy's Me and My Pal (1933). Dunn also had a brief career in the 1920s as a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, in such films as Oh Shoot! (1923).

By David Kalat