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Silent Sunday Nights - January 2014
Remind Me

Fatty's Faithful Fido

Fatty and his, yes, faithful doggie Luke are trying to win the love of Minta Durfa--but there's a rival for her attention in the form of gangly, awkward weirdo Al St. John. Al has a gang of burly muscle-heads backing him up, but Fatty has his loyal dog and an effortless strength on his side. From outlandish pratfalls to flinging bricks to crashing through floors or skittering across rooftops, Fatty's Faithful Fido never lets up for air. This is one silent comedy where the wall between slapstick and murder-for-hire comes crashing down.

Luke the pitbull was Roscoe Arbuckle's own dog. Luke joined his master onscreen and became an official Keystone studio employee with a weekly salary of $150, out of which he dutifully paid his taxes. When Arbuckle left Keystone to make films independently, Luke loyally followed him and continued to appear in such films as The Butcher Boy (1917) and The Garage (1919).

By David Kalat