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Cult Movie Picks - November 2013
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Can you name another movie that combines the exciting worlds of auto racing and tax evasion? We defy you to name one other than Speedway (1968) which features our boy Elvis as Steve Grayson, famous stock-car champion. His nemesis is played by Nancy Sinatra who had just enjoyed a number one chartbuster ("Something Stupid") with her dad Frank the previous year. They make a real swinging couple and it's only appropriate that her solo number is entitled "Your Groovy Self." (Sinatra was still the model hipster since her 1966 recording of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'").

Bill Bixby, two years after his stint as My Favorite Martian but ten years before The Incredible Hulk, also shows up as the racing champ's goodtime buddy, a guy with an obsession for gambling and easy women.

This is the film with the infamous "love trap trailer" - a secret den of iniquity where Elvis seduces his prey with wild animal recordings, fake radio announcements, and a remote-controlled clock. Don't ask us how it works. We only know it's a lethal combination.

And if you're curious about the score for Speedway, you should know that it includes "Suppose," "He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad," "Let Yourself Go," and "There Ain't Nothing Like a Song," which was originally slated for use in Spinout, another Presley feature, but was later axed. The real highlight of the recording session for Elvis was meeting billionaire politician Nelson Rockefeller who was in the adjacent studio recording an album of patriotic recitations.

Producer: Douglas Laurence
Director: Norman Taurog
Screenplay: Phillip Shuke
Cinematography: Joseph Ruttenberg
Film Editing: Richard W. Farrell
Music: Jeff Alexander, Mel Glazer, Lee Hazlewood, Stephen Schlaks
Art Direction: Leroy Coleman, George W. Davis
Cast: Elvis Presley (Steve Grayson), Nancy Sinatra (Susan Jacks), Bill Bixby (Kenny Donford), Gale Gordon (R.W. Hepworth), William Schallert (Abel Esterlake), Ross Hagen (Paul Dado).
C-95m. Letterboxed. Closed captioning.

by Jeff Stafford



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