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Inside the Mafia

Inside the Mafia

Most people probably wouldn't expect much from the director who was responsible for Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959) or Dragstrip Girl (1957), but Edward L. Cahn could turn out some tough little B-movie gems when given half the chance. And Inside the Mafia (1959) is a perfect example of Cahn at his best.

Reportedly based on a real incident, the film charts the return of Johnny Lucero (Grant Richards), a former mob boss who was deported from the United States ten years earlier. With the assistance of several armed followers, Lucero plots to settle an old score with his former organization. He's not the only one who wants to settle scores. Tony Ledo (Cameron Mitchell), another mob boss who was almost assassinated by Lucero, wants a little respect as well. As these two men travel toward a fateful rendezvous at an upstate New York airport, some innocent characters, such as the airport manager and his two daughters, get caught in the middle.

By fifties standards, Inside the Mafia is uncommonly violent but it is completely appropriate for the story which is, after all, about the mob. In fact, the mere mention of the infamous crime organization was not yet taboo when this film was made. It wasn't until The Godfather was released in 1972 that the word "Mafia" was banned from a film due to extensive lobbying by the Italian Anti-Defamation League.

Producer: Robert E. Kent
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Screenplay: Orville H. Hampton
Cinematography: Maury Gertsman
Editor: Grant Whytock
Principal Cast: Cameron Mitchell (Tony Ledo), Elaine Edwards (Anne Balcom), Robert Strauss (Sam Galey), Jim L. Brown (Doug Blair), Ted de Corsia (Augie Martello).

By Jeff Stafford



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