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Jean Simmons - Star of the Month
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The Happy Ending

In the 1969 drama The Happy Ending, Jean Simmons plays Mary Wilson, a middle-aged suburban housewife who is deeply dissatisfied with her life. After sixteen years of marriage, Mary walks out on husband Fred (John Forsythe) and flees to the Bahamas in search of herself. During her vacation Mary must do some soul-searching as she has a series of life-changing encounters.

The Happy Ending was the brainchild of Richard Brooks (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [1958]) who produced, wrote and directed the film. Brooks and star Jean Simmons were married at the time and had previously collaborated on the Academy Award-winning Elmer Gantry (1960).

Looking back on The Happy Ending, Jean Simmons called the experience of making it "painful" in a 1999 interview. " be absolutely honest," she confessed, "I had had the problem that the [character] had. And it was brought out and it was tough playing some of the scenes." She believed that having her husband directing her helped in many ways since he knew her so well and was able to bring out her best performance for which she was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actress.

A talented group of name actors round out the supporting cast of The Happy Ending including Lloyd Bridges, Shirley Jones, Teresa Wright, Dick Shawn, Tina Louise, Bobby Darin and Nanette Fabray. In addition to Jean Simmons' Oscar nomination for Best Actress, the film was also nominated for Best Original Song for "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?"

Producer: Richard Brooks
Director: Richard Brooks
Screenplay: Richard Brooks
Cinematography: Conrad L. Hall
Music: Michel Legrand
Film Editing: George Grenville
Cast: Jean Simmons (Mary Wilson), John Forsythe (Fred Wilson), Lloyd Bridges (Sam), Teresa Wright (Mrs. Spencer), Dick Shawn (Harry Bricker), Nanette Fabray (Agnes), Robert Darin (Franco), Tina Louise (Helen Bricker), Kathy Fields (Marge Wilson), Gail Hensley (Betty), Shirley Jones (Flo), Eve Brent (Ethel), William O'Connell (Minister), Barry Cahill (Handsome Man), Miriam Blake (Cindy).
C-112m. Closed Captioning.

by Andrea Passafiume



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