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The Foreigner (1978)

A secret agent from Europe arrives in New York City and waits for a contact to give him his assignment, but no one ever tells him what it is or why he is there.

Producer: Amos Poe
Director: Amos Poe
Screenplay: Amos Poe
Cinematography: Chirine El Khadem
Music: Ivan Král
Film Editing: Johanna Heer, Michael Penland, Amos Poe
Cast: Eric Mitchell (Max Menace), Anya Phillips (Doll), Patti Astor (Fili Harlow), Deborah Harry (Dee Trik), Terens Séverine (Zazu Weather), Robin Crutchfield (Fido Hex), Kitty Sondern (Kit Bag), Duncan Hannah (King Bag/Shake), Steven Kramer (Mouse), Susan Morris (Mo Bag), Amos Poe (Amos Nitrate), David Forshtay (For Bag), Pusante Byzantium (Skratch/Rumanian), Ana Marton (Fullee/Rumanian), Chirine El Khadem (Mr. Kool).