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The Essentials - March 2011
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Trivia & Fun Facts About LOVE ME TONIGHT

The original play of Love Me Tonight by Leopold Marchand and Paul Armont featured a street urchin named Kiki who helps resolve the plot. Paramount had hired Jackie Coogan's brother Robert for the film role, but director Rouben Mamoulian decided to cut it.

The script for Love Me Tonight features sly references to the stars' images. The lead characters are named Maurice and Princess Jeanette. When the camera first moves into Maurice Chevalier's room, his trade-marked straw hat is seen hanging on the wall over an arrangement of cracks and stains that are actually a caricature of the star. Not only is MacDonald's character as straight-laced as the actress was off-screen, but she meets Chevalier when her carriage is overturned. Two years before the film's release, MacDonald was rumored to have been the mystery woman involved in a car crash with Italy's Prince Umberto (she was nowhere near Europe at the time, but she was his favorite movie star).

When he couldn't find a street on the Paramount back lot suitable for one scene, Mamoulian had the studio rent one of MGM's street sets, moving the entire company there for a few days.

Myrna Loy's few lines in the song, "The Son of a Gun Is a Tailor," mark the only time she ever sang on screen.

Memorable Quotes from LOVE ME TONIGHT

"I fell flat on my flute." -- Charles Butterworth as the Count de Savignac.

"Valentine, can you go for a doctor?"
"Certainly, bring him right in."--Charlie Ruggles, as Viscount Gilbert de Vereze, and Myrna Loy, as Countess Valentine, when the latter faints.

"You're not wasting away, you're just wasted." -- Joseph Cawthorn, as Dr. Armand de Fontinac, describing the medical problems of Jeanette MacDonald, as Princess Jeanette.

"A peach must be eaten, a drum must be beaten, and a woman needs something like that." -- Cawthorn, as Dr. Armand de Fontinac.

"What are you doing now?"
"I'm thinking. I'm thinking of you without these clothes."
"Open your eyes at once!"
"Oh no, pardon madam. With different clothes. Smart clothes." -- MacDonald, questioning the intentions of Maurice Chevalier, as Maurice Courtelin.

"Tell me, do you ever think of anything but men, dear?"
"Oh, yes."
"Of what?"
"Schoolboys."-- MacDonald and Loy, as Countess Valentine.

"You know too much about hunting, etiquette, tradition. You know nothing about style, charm, love" -- Chevalier, as Maurice Courtelin, assessing MacDonald

Compiled by Frank Miller



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