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The Essentials - March 2011
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Love Me Tonight,Love Me Tonight

The Critics' Corner: LOVE ME TONIGHT

Awards & Honors

Love Me Tonight was voted a place on the National Film Registry in 1990.

Critic Reviews - LOVE ME TONIGHT (1932)

"It is one of the best, if not the very best, of the Maurice Chevalier pictures -- and not the least of the cause is the brilliant direction of Rouben Mamoulian." -- Jerry Hoffman, Los Angeles Examiner.

"What a picture. First, you have Chevalier (and last, you have Chevalier, and all through this riot entertainment you have Chevalier). And adding her beauty and lovely voice, you have that delightful Jeanette MacDonald." -- Photoplay.

"A gem of a class production, and, with that aura that surrounds Chevalier, a cleanup for the run theatres...Mamoulian reveals a shrewd flair for novelty angles, notably in the fascinating opening sequence designed to sound a key motif for the gay symphony that it introduces." -- Variety.

"...Mr. Mamoulian never neglects an opportunity to conjure with the microphone or make the most of the camera." -- Mordaunt Hall, New York Times.

"The songs develop the action and characters, the dialogue is witty and rhythmic, and the entire film, with its fine score by Rodgers and Hart, is a charming, tongue-in-cheek fantasy that never descends into syrupy whimsy." -- Geoff Andrew, Time Out Film Guide.

"For street-wise punk poetics amidst the posh pompadours and fancy bodices; for a brilliantly paced scenario and score; for Maurice and Jeanette in their pluckily playful prime; for crusty, bushy-browed C. Aubrey Smith getting out of bed to sing "Mimi"; for the Mamoulian film that Mamoulian actually did pull off, spectacularly: you're gonna just love Love Me Tonight." - Peter H. Kemp, Senses of Cinema

Compiled by Frank Miller