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The Essentials - March 2011
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Hannah and Her Sisters received 7 Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Michael Caine), Best Supporting Actress (Dianne Wiest), Best Editing and Best Art Direction. It won 3: Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Hannah and Her Sisters won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical. It was nominated for 4 other Golden Globe awards: Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Michael Caine), Best Supporting Actress (Dianne Wiest) and Best Screenplay.

The film won two BAFTA awards for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. It was nominated for 6 others: Best Actor (Woody Allen), Best Actor (Michael Caine), Best Actress (Mia Farrow), Best Supporting Actress (Barbara Hershey), Best Editing, and Best Film.

The Boston Society of Film Critics awarded Hannah and Her Sisters prizes for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress (Dianne Wiest).

The French Syndicate of Cinema Critics named Hannah and Her Sisters the Best Foreign Film of 1986.

The London Critics Circle named Woody Allen the Screenwriter of the Year for his Hannah and Her Sisters script.

The National Board of Review named Woody Allen the Best Director of the year for his work on Hannah and Her Sisters and Dianne Wiest the Best Supporting Actress.

The New York Film Critics Circle named Hannah and Her Sisters the Best Film of 1986 and Woody Allen the Best Director of the year. Dianne Wiest was also honored as Best Supporting Actress.

The National Society of Film Critics awarded their Best Supporting Actress prize to Dianne Wiest for her work in Hannah and Her Sisters.

Woody Allen won the Best Original Screenplay Writers Guild of America (WGA) award for Hannah and Her Sisters.

Awards & Honors

"Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters, the best movie he has ever made, is organized like an episodic novel, with acute little self-contained vignettes adding up to the big picture. Allen's writing and directing style is so strong and assured in this film that the actual filmmaking itself becomes a narrative voice, just as we sense Henry James behind all of his novels, or William Faulkner or Iris Murdoch behind theirs." - Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun-Times

"From the first, soaring notes of Harry James' trumpet playing "You Made Me Love You," which is heard behind the opening credits, until the series of reconciliation scenes that bring the film to a close, Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters is virtually nonstop exhilaration - a dramatic comedy not quite like any other, and one that sets new standards for Mr. Allen as well as for all American movie makers. It's warmhearted, wise and fiercely funny, demonstrating a rigorous command of a talent that, in the manner of Jack's prodigious beanstalk, won"t stop growing." - The New York Times

"Manhattan - the one in the Rodgers and Hart song, the city of dreams in 30s movies, the old apogee of swank - has become a figment of Woody Allen"s imagination. Thank heavens. Reclamation of the borough's tattered image could be in no better hands." -- Time Magazine

- Allen strikes gold as he examines some typically interesting and neurotic New Yorkers whose lives intertwine. Superbly cast with Woody in peak form as Farrow's hypochondriac ex-husband; Wiest in a powerhouse performance as Mia's self-consumed, self-destructive sister. There's also an atypical Allen touch of warmth, even sentiment, as frosting on the cake - all of it set to some wonderful old songs." - Leonard Maltin, Movie and Video Guide

"A minor, agreeably skillful movie by Woody Allen, a new canto in his ongoing poem to love and New York City which includes Annie Hall [1977] and Manhattan [1979]. It's likable, but you wish there were more to like. All the vital vulgarity of Woody Allen's early movies have been drained away here, as it was in Interiors [1978], but this time he's made the picture halfway human. (People can laugh and feel morally uplifted at the same time.) The willed sterility of his style is terrifying to think about; the picture is all tasteful touches, and there's an element of cultural self-approval in its tone, and a trace of smugness in its narrow concern for family and friends. He uses style to blot out the rest of New York City. It's a form of repression, and, from the look of the movie, repression is what's romantic to him." -- Pauline Kael

"Hurrah for Hannah, Woody's latest - and greatest - is really Manhattan with a heart." - Kathleen Corliss, The New York Daily News

"In one magnificent film Woody Allen has fully rounded and refined his art. The performances are uniformly flawless and the material is so well conceived that characters with a mere five to seven minutes of total screen time make tremendous impressions." - Kenneth M. Chanko, Films in Review

"Perfection is boring, but boring is the very last word to describe Hannah and Her Sisters, which just may be a perfect movie. Mellow, beautiful, rich and brimming with love, Hannah is the best Woody Allen yet and, quite simply, a great film. His cast is absolutely splendid, although it must be said that he's loaded the dice in the women's favor." - Sheila Benson, The Los Angeles Times

"...a great film, the richest and most complex of Woody's creations, and also the most fluent." - David Denby, New York Magazine

"If you are still in touch with your own heart, or feel the need to share it with people you love you'd be mad to miss it. Hannah and Her Sisters is a work of astonishing wisdom and maturity that embraces life in all its crazy, contradictory emotional contexts touching - instructing , and uplifting the lives of all who see it." - Rex Reed, New York Post

"Hannah and Her Sisters is one of Woody Allen's great films. Indeed, he makes nary a misstep from beginning to end in charting the amorous affiliations of three sisters and their men over a two-year period." -- Variety

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